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Bathurst’s 12-hour network from positions 11-20 has been established and contains several big surprises, including the car of David Reynolds, Cameron Waters and Tony Bates.

Using the aggregate system, combining the fastest lap time Pro and the fastest Am time in each machine, the top 10 was installed.

The car of Chase Moster, Liam Talbat and Fraser Ross was the fastest in the overall standings by 0.3 seconds from the car of Kelvin van der Linde, Brad Schumacher and Nathaniel Burton.

Schumacher would have gone first in the table in his session if the red flag hadn’t appeared when he came out of the last turn, so there was more time on the table in that combination.

The trio of Ricardo Feller, Marcus Winkelhock and Yasser Shahin were third in speed, they could also have a better average. The red flag in the opening session was caused by the fact that Shahin got stuck on the grass at the last turn and saw that his fastest time was lost.

The SunEnergy 1 Racing car with reigning race winner Jules Gunon behind the wheel turned out to be the fourth of the best All Am bids, which included Michael Shirgold, Garth Walden and Bret Hobson.

Ben Barker and Stephen Grove were sixth in speed at Porsche’s Grove Racing, ahead of Audi’s Valmont Racing.

Despite a significant shortfall that needed to be made up in his session, Shane van Gisbergen made a blinding circle to enter the top 10.

This was followed by a quartet of Tony D’Albert, Grant Denier, David Wall and Adrian Deitz, and Lee Holdsworth topped the Porsche № 9 in the top 10.

The main victims in this session was the Audi № 24, driven by Reynolds, Waters and Tony Bates. Bates was the sixth fastest in the Am session, however Reynolds was unable to set a time due to red flags and see that the trio will start at 16th place.

Will Brown put his Mercedes on the sand at turn 1 and will eventually see Mercedes at number 19, which he shares with Jack Perkins, and Mark Griffith starting out of the top 10.

Dale Wood and Zane Morse put GT4 cars in 12th and 13th respectively.

Alex Deviosn paired with Craig Lawnds, Scott Taylor and Jeff Emery also failed to pass the clean circle in his session and starts with 14th.

Eric Constantindis crashed hard on a hill with Griffin Band and ended the session early.

It starts ahead of Reynolds and refurbished David Russell, James Kundaris and Paul Stockel. Theo Kundaris was expelled from the weekend on medical grounds due to an accident at Raid Park.

The session had several no-starts, including Nick Percott, Joey Mawson and Mark Rosser after the latter crashed in the last training session.

Mara Engel, Daniel Hunkadela and Kevin Tse Craft-Bamboo Racing also failed to set a time, and the team decided to change the engine.

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