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Written by Timothy Neal

Bathurst 1000 debutant Cameron Hill has double duty ahead of him, with both his main-game hit-out and Super2 stoush carrying huge weight for the young up-and-comer.

With two Super2 podiums this year in Perth and Townsville, he is still in contention for the title in fourth and is 174 points adrift of Triple Eight team-mate Declan Fraser with a maximum of 300 points on offer this weekend.

“I’ve got a few races to win now, I’ve been setting up the streak by keeping my nose clean and trying to pick up points, but at the moment I’ve got to go if I want to win the streak,” Hill said.

“I have to win races, so the mentality changes a bit. I want to take those opportunities when they come.”

A good score will also make him a rookie when Adelaide only competes in Super2 this year, but importantly his runs in the #111 VF Commodore will give him valuable track time before he takes on The Great Race.

Hill completes his first feature laps around the mountain with Chris Peter in the Coca-Cola PremiAir Commodore.

“Running the Super2 will be an advantage as it ensures I get some extra time on the track,” Hill said.

“There’s a lot of training for the 1000, but the program is split between the two riders, so it will be useful on Sunday as I’ll have a lot of laps under my belt.”

Things are going well for Hill: his PremiAir ZB Commodore is also a Team Triple Build, meaning the ergonomics between the various Holdens are similar, and also shares the same build as Chris Peter, who is competing in his 11th Bathurst 1000.

“It’s good to be paired with someone as experienced as Chris. He can answer all my questions about specific things and he’s been good, we’ve gotten along really well,” Hill said of his teammate.

Practice laps down the hills in vintage Coca-Cola gear at Queensland Raceway

“We’re also almost the same height and size, which means we have the same seat insert, so from that point of view it’s very, very good.

“With all the work the guys at PremiAir have done, anything can happen and I feel pretty confident about a good performance.”

Hill will make his first laps around the mountain tomorrow at 10:00am for the first practice session of the Super2 season ahead of qualifying and Race 1 on Friday; while his first Supercars session at Australia’s hallowed racetrack follows immediately after his P1 session tomorrow.

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