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Murray member Helen Dalton to meet with Home Secretary Anthony Roberts to resolve housing crisis | District News


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Murray Housing Forum participant Helen Dalton has led to several plans for the future, starting with a steering committee that will begin a meeting in April. An important step towards resolving the crisis may be to apply to the Compensation Fund for housing construction, which currently sets prices for some builders even when starting work. “We met with a builder in Victoria who is trying to build houses in New Wales, and he can only build 10 houses with his insurance, where he can build 1,000 in Victoria,” Ms Dalton explained. “NSW stands out, it’s a real towel, especially for young builders.” In the coming weeks, Ms. Dalton will arrange a meeting with Home Secretary Anthony Roberts. “We want to encourage Anthony Roberts to increase funding for affordable housing, money was set aside many years ago and all of it is gone, but it has been very successful.” “We’ve asked a lot of questions in government so we can figure out what’s going on.” RELATED While Dalton is trying to deal with the political and political side of the housing crisis, Griffith City Council is also working on possible solutions, but not everyone is convinced. According to real estate agents Griffith, the recently approved plan of Griffith City Council to redevelop land into large plots after identifying a shortage of supply will not affect the regional housing crisis. Griffith City Council’s plan to redevelop land for subdivisions and development may go some way to a long-term solution, but will not address the immediate crisis facing potential home buyers and tenants. “READ MORE” Any subdivision of the land will ease some of the pressure, but not to fix the housing crisis. It’s so difficult. It’s a very difficult thing, so no one has been able to solve it, “said Brendan Catanzariti, an agent with Elders Real Estate. Mr Catanzariti explained that the lack of materials and builders means that even if you have land, it may take more than a year before you can start construction. “If you wanted to build a house today, you wouldn’t be able to start until mid-2023 if you were lucky … There aren’t enough supplies anyway, they’re hard to find – imagine what it will do with Queensland for supplies.” In the event that the creation of more land leads to more construction, it will not help those who simply cannot afford to invest in the current market with the rapid rise in rents and housing prices. “Most of the housing shortage crisis is not about people who can’t find housing, but about people who can’t afford it. That’s where most of the crisis comes from, it’s people who can’t afford to buy or even rent, “said Mr Catanzariti. Our journalists are working hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access to our trusted content:


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