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Muscat says Angie’s “modest” will revel in that moment


Pastecaglu, Muscat assures, an awkward mood that allows acolytes to gain the lion’s share of recognition and praise, can only afford the simple luxury of quietly tasting vintage malt whiskey if Hoops beats Hearts on Saturday and the Rangers fail Dunde. United in a day.

If fate favors in this way, the title will be in Pastekoglu in his first season in Glasgow goldfish, adding to the League Cup, which is already at his disposal.

Ridiculed as Ange Pastekog – who? according to cynics who quickly appreciate when he replaced Neil Lennon in the offseason, former Socceroos and Yokohama teacher F. Marinos has won hearts and minds in one of the most ruthless and denominational territories of world football.

“If things go the way Enge did (this weekend), I have no doubt he will find a quiet moment to enjoy a glass of one malt (whiskey),” said former Rangers defender Muscat. “But he will get the most pleasure when he sees others celebrating this moment, when and when that moment will come.

“One of the things I admire most about Ang is his ability in moments of triumph to enjoy the achievements of the people around him, whom he cares for and trusts.

“He likes to see that people he is close to are rewarded for hard work … he is very proud of that.

“He cares and believes in those who went with him on the journey, be it players or behind-the-scenes staff.”

By replacing Postekoglu at Marinas, his former Melbourne Victory double continued to build on a hive-like flair, adventure and work ethic at the club, which ranks fourth in the J1 league table after 10 games – seven points from Kashima Antlers from hand-to-hand. .

And this is after being forced to redo the club after many high-profile departures.

But he closely followed the development of the miracle in Parkhead, where Pastekaglu renewed, revitalized the restored detachment, which was in some sort of mess when he took control.

“Celtic” is 6 points behind the current champions “Rangers” at the highest level, there are three games left, and the taste of the title remains at the tip of Pastekoglu’s tongue.

“For Angers, it’s a great indication that he’s kept his team’s nose ahead at the moment, given how well they match the Rangers’ very good side, ”Muscat said. “Ang would like to do it last weekend (in the Old Firm derby in Parkhead), but it was a very tense fight (which ended 1-1).

“For him, everything will be about performance, performance, running-in.

“There was a certain transition when he took office (with many new faces), but they did not compromise on performance.

“The way they play is far better than last season – they fight for everything, but they also enjoy football.”


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