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Mushroom growers call for knowledge in the field of nutrition


The Australian mushroom has teamed up with Nutrition Research Australia in a new nutrition education program, urging food industry professionals to help uncover ways in which the Australian mushroom can solve some of the country’s biggest food problems.

When Australia’s food industry is around $ 172 billion, it has a big impact on the nation’s overall health. The Australian Mushrooms research program will engage key players in the food industry including hospitals, nursing homes, fast food restaurants and food manufacturers to identify opportunities to include Australian mushrooms in the menu to improve health.

The Director General of NRAUS, Dr. Flavia Fayette-Moore, explained that like mushrooms, mushrooms have a unique set of nutritional properties found in various food groups, including vegetables, grains, nuts and meat, as well as unique biologically active compounds that are not normally found. found in animals or plants.

“With their distinctive minds and meat flavors, mushrooms are a unique plant food rich in nutrients, making them an extremely valuable ingredient on the menus of cafes, restaurants and establishments – in an environment where a flexitarian and vegan diet is growing,” Fayette said. -Moore.

Before the start of the program Australian Mushrooms would like to find out what the current level of mushroom use and knowledge in the industry is, urging food industry professionals to tell them what they know about the powerful mushroom through a quick survey.

By completing the survey, participants will have the opportunity to win one of five Visa gift cards for $ 100 and pass on valuable information to mushroom growers and nutrition researchers seeking to improve Australia’s health.

Once the current levels of knowledge are clarified, the team will work with culinary educational organizations such as TAFE to include mushroom nutrition education in curricula. This will help provide the catering industry with tools and resources at the grassroots level.

As consumer demand trends continue to reduce animal food consumption, the team is looking to raise awareness of mushrooms as a nutritional option that could be key to supporting nutritional needs and lead to several improvements in Australian health.

“Studies conducted before COVID-19 and likely to be higher show that approximately one in four Australian adults is deficient in vitamin D, a problem that can be helped by increased consumption of mushrooms,” Fayette-Moore said.

The answers are anonymous, and the estimated time to complete the survey is less than five minutes. It is also an opportunity to help local mushroom growers in their latest education project in nutrition and become part of the Australian mushroom growing community.

This three-year research project is managed by the Australian Association of Mushroom Growers and funded by Hort Innovation with funding from the Australian Government for mushroom research and development.

Food industry professionals can take part in a survey of Australian mushrooms here.


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