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Mushroom Meatery is launching as Australians consume more fresh produce


Although Australian diets are thought to have deteriorated during the pandemic, a new Australian Mushrooms study shows that more than half of Australians (59 per cent) have improved their diet and eating habits in the last 12 months – 63 per cent said they were cooking more. eat at home, eat less processed foods (49%) and increase consumption of fresh and healthy foods (49%).

To celebrate Australians ’love of home cooking with the best ingredients nature has to offer, Australian Mushrooms in partnership with renowned chef Adam Liau and Kingsmore Meats from Coogee have created the first-ever Mushroom Meatery, a delicious deli where all meat is sold . mushrooms.

The Mushroom Meatery will serve a limited series of dishes featuring Mighty Mushie and fresh pieces of meat. The collaboration comes after research shows that ingredients are most important to Australian home cooks – three-quarters (75 per cent) say being able to control what ingredients they use is what they love most about home cooking, and half (51 percent) said they like to purchase fresh ingredients such as quality meat, mushrooms or vegetables.

“Australia is home to some of the best fresh produce in the world, and we are fortunate to live in a country where it can be easily reached from our local grocer or butcher,” Leo said. “It’s fantastic to see Australians take these world-class ingredients and celebrate them in home-cooked meals.”

Every tenth says he visits his butcher to get expert advice on how to cook fresh produce, Joel Houghton of Kingsmore Meats has for years managed customer requests, inspiring and asking for help with cooking.

“The pandemic meant people had more time to cook and experiment with cooking. Every day we were visited by many customers who asked for expert advice on how to cook fresh food and recipes that can be prepared at home, ”Hotan said.

“We love experimenting with our meat slices to find out what other products we can offer. Australian mushrooms have a firm texture and meaty taste, so they go perfectly with the meat without depriving the meat of its taste.

Along with disposable menu items such as nuggets with chicken and mushrooms and stews with mushrooms and brisket, The Mushroom Meatery will feature mushroom varieties “Mushroom Assembly and Mix” complete with varieties of champignons, cups, champignons, champignons, portabelli and porcini.

While one in three (32 percent) make an effort to spend days without meat, more than half (53 percent) eat the same amount of meat, so The Mushroom Meatery offers something for those who manage meat. a free day for those who crave a mix of vegetable and meat goodness, and for those who are willing to try something completely new.

“Adding Mighty Mushie can transform your food as it is a very small package that contains a lot of nutrients while being low in fat,” said Bulla Farm mushroom grower Georgia Beatty.

“Australian mushrooms are available all year round, with most grown near our capitals. I am proud to be one of the 77 Australian mushroom growers in the country. ”

To create any of the recipes offered at home, visit https://australianmushrooms.com.au/.


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