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Music by LeAnn Rimes on family, marriage and career


LeAnn Rimes is a musician best known as a two-time Grammy Award winner. The 40-year-old girl talks about her godparents, young marriages and shooting a music video with Jon Bon Jovi.

my godfather Gerald was a grandfather/father to me. My father, Wilbur, worked for him for 25 years. Gerald’s only child was shot dead by her husband when she was 22 years old.

My godfathers they treated me like a granddaughter they never had. Gerald was so affectionate and playful. As an only child, I grew up very quickly and it was clear that he wanted to give me the space to be a child. He died when I was 15 and he was the foundation of my life.

“I think it took me until I met Eddie to be consistent. He gave me the safety to feel like I could dive into a place of darkness and trauma and be myself.”

My dad and me have an interesting relationship. I adore him, he taught me my work ethic and how to be nice to people. I also get so much stubbornness from him! I played softball when I was little and he coached my team. He also took me to singing and piano lessons. Mom was a partier and did odd jobs; they both quit their jobs when my career took off as a teenager. They both supported what I wanted to do and lived their love of music through me. My parents tried for 12 years to have a baby before I came along.

Brian was my first boy at Club Hill Elementary School in Garland, Texas. He recently came to my concert with his wife. We follow each other on Instagram. He was the first guy to break my heart when he left and broke up with me. We shared my first kiss on my birthday.

I started dating Andrew Keegan is 15. He was an actor in teen movies and we were together for three years. While they were shooting a music video for my song Commitment in Santa Monicai flipped through a Teenage beat magazine and noticed him. I told my manager, hair stylist and makeup artist that I thought he was cute. The next minute my manager at the time called Andrew and asked if he wanted to meet me; that’s how we got in touch.

Moving from Texas it was hard to get to work in Los Angeles. Mum stayed with me for a while but I moved in with Andrew at 16. Dad wasn’t too happy about that. There was a lot of adversity in my life at that time. My parents went through a divorce [she was also in a lawsuit with her parents and record label] And Andrei was a stability for me – for which I am grateful. It kept me safe for several years of my life because the last thing I needed was to live alone.

My relationship it’s difficult with my family. Do I wish things had gone differently? Undoubtedly. But there were many lessons learned in those years and I am still learning a lot. I really wanted my parents not to divorce. It hurt and it was a deep loss for me. Once I faced it, I could forgive them and move on.

Music by Ben Harper and I have the same dentist. They skate together. I looked at Ben in the reception room one day and we ended up talking. I thought it would be great to have him on my record and asked at that point.


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