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My Space: Ambra Beach House by Ambra Fossati has a bright, relaxed Australian style


Ambra Fossati has always lived by the ocean. The fashion designer grew up in Dunsborough and lived in several beach houses in Cottesloe before settling in Scarborough, right across the ocean.

“My partner Dave and I really wanted to live near the beach as we both grew up in the south and love the beach. We were looking for a house from Scarborough to North Fremantle and when we found this house we couldn’t believe how close we were to the beach,” explains Fossati.

Camera iconScarborough House overlooks the ocean. credit: Michael Wilson/Western Australian

Running her fashion brand Ambra Maddalena, her photography business Ophelia Creative, and working in the marketing department at Public Works, Fossati manages to squeeze in an ocean swim every morning.

“We get up at 5 a.m. every day and look forward to our first summer in this house,” she says. “The track to the beach is across the road, which is perfect.”

Uninterrupted beach views from the living room, kitchen and extended deck make the home the perfect summer retreat.

“We can’t wait for our first summer here, we plan to put a high table and furniture on the deck so we can sit and enjoy the view,” she says.

Moroccan cushions, vibrant art by Perth artist Rafe Myers and coffee table books create a relaxed Australian style with a hint of European nostalgia, a style similar to that of her fashion brand.

Artwork by Perth artist Rafe Myers.
Camera iconArtwork by Perth artist Rafe Myers. credit: Michael Wilson/Western Australian

“I surround myself with color, from my designs to my home, I love mixing color palettes. It’s funny because I like things to mix and match, and in fashion it’s really hard for me to match colors and prints, but at home it’s easy for me,” she laughs.

The house has an eclectic and romantic atmosphere with chandeliers and whimsical decorations.

Whimsical ornaments are placed throughout the house.
Camera iconWhimsical ornaments are placed throughout the house. credit: Michael Wilson/Western Australian

“My mum is an interior designer and has a shop called My Divine Home in Busselton and I think I get a lot of my inspiration from her because she has a very maximalist style and collects the most amazing pieces,” she says.

A mix of trinkets and unique homewares cover every surface. An antique glass cabinet is filled with various glassware, and an antique candlestick, a mermaid figurine, and a plant stand on the kitchen counter.

An antique glass cabinet attracts attention.
Camera iconAn antique glass cabinet attracts attention. credit: Michael Wilson/Western Australian

“I like to collect different objects. My favorite pieces are the hand painted tiles from Italy and pieces from my parent’s house. My dad built our family home and my mum let us be very creative when we were little and draw on the walls, so I love the memories of the house,” she explains.

Her favorite place in the house is the dining room, where her photograph hangs next to a large piece of indigenous art given to her by her grandmother.

“I have a few of my prints on the walls and my grandmother, Jackie McPhee, who is also an interior designer, has one of the largest collections of Indigenous art in Australia, so I have some of her work at home.” she says.

Dining room.
Camera iconDining room. credit: Michael Wilson/Western Australian


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