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My Space: Oushk Cafe owner Merai Baramili offers a peek inside her warm, welcoming home


The Fremantle home of Oushk owner Mera Baramila is as warm and welcoming as she is. Her sense of style and vibrant personality have combined to create an environment where everyone feels welcome.

“I am very happy that my friends and family visit and feel at home. I actually came home one day to my brother who was sleeping in my living room because he loves the living room,” laughs Baramilli.

After six years of living in an apartment, she decided it was time to look for her dream home.

Camera iconThe house is filled with vintage and eclectic finds. credit: Ian Gillespie/Western Australian

“Since opening Oushk, I’ve found a community in and around Palmyra that I wanted to be a part of…I wanted to live in a community-oriented suburb with a small-town feel,” she explains.

Baramilli quickly fell in love with Fremantle’s workers’ cottages dotted around the area and bought her renovated 1910 cottage two years ago.

“The previous owners did an amazing job with the renovations, so I was able to move in and all I had to do was paint the place with a fresh coat of paint,” she explains.

The home is the perfect balance of modern and traditional elements, with original pressed tin roof, exposed Oregon wood beams, Marri countertops and stained glass windows, front door, ceiling roses, outdoor toilet and window awnings.

Mera's pride and joy is the green Bolia sofa from Arrival Hall.
Camera iconMera’s pride and joy is the green Bolia sofa from Arrival Hall. credit: Ian Gillespie/Western Australian

“I like the open plan kitchen and living room because I spend a lot of time cooking traditional Lebanese dishes with my mom. The openness of the space makes it easy to socialize when friends and family are visiting,” she says.

The house is filled with vintage and eclectic pieces that embody her style.

“I started all over again. This is my dream home, so I wanted to fill it with things I really like,” she says.

Her favorite pieces include a Fenton & Fenton mirror and coffee table, and a Sarah Ellison console.

“This is my forever home, so I wanted to choose things that I will enjoy for a long time,” she says.

Her pride and joy is her green Bolia corduroy sofa from Arrival Hall.

Earthy tones and bright colors fill the home through artwork.
Camera iconEarthy tones and bright colors fill the home through artwork. credit: Ian Gillespie/Western Australian

Earthy tones fill the home with pops of color accented by artwork and homewares. Vintage hand-woven Moroccan rugs cover the floor, while original works by Australian artist Jai Vasicek, Stanislas Pehacek and Samuel Muska hang alongside prints by Australian artist Bonnie Gray, Lucinda Jones and a Vogue collaboration by Betty Muffler.

The bedroom is an eclectic mix of dried flowers, plants and prints by local artists Sir Botanical and Ruth Loveridge of Ode Studios.

“My friend has amazing style and owns Sir Botanical, where she also sells prints. I liked the prints so much that I decided to buy two,” she laughs.


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