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NASA will launch a rocket in the land of East Arnhem near Nhulunbui in the Northern Territory


A remote part of Australia tonight will be illuminated by a historic event when NASA launches a rocket out of red mud.

For the first time for Australia, the US space agency NASA will launch a rocket from a remote area of ​​the Northern Territory on Sunday night.

The rocket will be launched from the Arnhem space center near Nhulunbui, in the lands of the Humathj people, who were consulted throughout the process.

The rocket is set to launch from the red mud around 10.45pm on Sunday, but it will only be visible for ten seconds before it disappears.

It is a 13-meter “sonic rocket” that will carry a platform to observe the atmosphere to study the constellations Alpha A and B. The rocket is expected to travel 300 km in the 15 minutes it moves in space.

This will be the first time the world-renowned space agency has launched a rocket from a commercial port outside the United States.

The missile will also be the first to leave Australian soil in 26 years since launching in 1995 from the Woomer Royal Australian Air Force complex.

Northern Territory Chief Natasha Files called it a “landmark event for the Top End.”

“NASA is increasing capacity and throwing East Arnhem Land into the global attention of investors – it will help our industry grow, create more jobs for locals and more opportunities to expand business,” she said.

The rocket is the first of three NASA-developed rockets to be launched from the NT remote space center, which will not go into orbit but will instead gather valuable scientific information about solar physics, astrophysics and planetary science that can only be conducted in the southern hemisphere.

A joint statement by the NT government and the federal government assessed the rocket launches as a turning point for the Australian space industry.

“This project will bring together global and local industries to usher in Australia’s space sector into a new era,” said Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Both governments hope that cooperation with NASA will stimulate future joint scientific efforts by Australia and the United States.

The head of the Australian Space Agency, Enrico Palermo, said the launch was a significant milestone in the growth of space activities.

“This is another signal that Australia is launching – and will further strengthen our reputation as a country with which the world’s space players want to do business,” he said.

The launches mean a historic collaboration between some of the world’s leading scientists and the world’s oldest living continuous culture.

The launch pad is on traditional ground, which NASA has promised to clear after launch, returning all material and debris back to the United States.

The Arnhem Space Center is owned and operated by Equatorial Launch Australia, which hopes to dramatically increase its ability to conduct 50 launches a year by 2024.

CEO Michael Jones said the geographical location and proximity to the equator would attract international space agencies.

“Our proximity to the equator at 12 degrees south gives us astrodynamic and physical advantages over many launch pads around the world and is highly desirable for large and complex orbital solutions in space,” he told SKY News.

The launch will be broadcast live on ntnews.com.au from approximately 10pm on Sunday.

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