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Natalie Barr says she “feels sorry for Australians” after Barnaby and Tanya blew up


On Monday morning, Barnaby Joyce exploded in an “awkward” fiery exchange with Labor MP Tanya Plibersek as the government and opposition argued over housing policy.

Sunrise presenter Natalie Barr said she was “sorry for Australians trying to figure out what we are voting for on Saturday” after Joyce and Ms Plibersek were unable to answer key housing policy questions.

This came after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Sunday during the company’s official launch that the first homebuyers would be able to access the “smart” part of their pension to secure their first home.

Ms. Plibersek said that “there is a reason why John Howard, Peter Castello … and Malcolm Turnbull rejected this policy.”

Camera iconNatalie Barr said she felt sorry for the Australians who had to choose between the two main parties. Credit: Supplied

But Mr Joyce said it was a better policy than the one proposed by Labor if the government pays 40 per cent of housing provided that home buyers meet the income threshold.

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Mr. Joyce asked Ms. Plibersek, is it taxable or gross income, a question she could not answer, and instead asked the Deputy Prime Minister.

Mr. Joyce was increasingly upset by Mrs. Plibersek’s inability to answer.

“How do you not understand your own policy?” He asked before Mrs. Pliberseck finally answered.

“It’s taxable income – I don’t know why it’s so difficult for Barnaby,” she said.

“Someone just told her that,” Mr. Joyce replied.

Ms. Plibersek said she was “embarrassed” that Mr. Joyce “continues like this.”

Bar said she was embarrassed by the fact that on Saturday the Australians had a choice of two insignificant politicians.

“I feel sorry for us because we have to go to these voting booths and we have to try to understand what we are voting for,” she said.

Ms. Plibersek had difficulty answering a question from Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.
Camera iconMs. Plibersek had difficulty answering a question from Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. Credit: Supplied

Mr Morrison later responded to criticism that by gaining access to the scheme, young people would lose in their super.

He told Bar that this would complement another government policy that encourages older Australians to cut back on more homes for young families – a policy that the Labor Party actually supports.

Labor does not support the superschema.

The election of Prime Minister Scott Morrison in 2022
Camera iconDeputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce backed Scott Morrison at the company’s official launch in Brisbane on Sunday. Jason Edwards Credit: News Corp Australia

“It’s a balanced policy that deals with increasing supply, supporting reductions, getting more supply in the market and helping young Australians, but applies to people of all ages when they buy their own home to access their own money,” he said. Morrison reported to Channel 7.

“Labor opposed it because they don’t treat super like your money – it’s your money. You have earned and saved.

“It helps … people retire harder, but at the same time don’t miss the opportunity not to wait another year and years.

“It (also) ensures that having a larger deposit … it reduces your mortgage payments … you can save thousands of dollars a year.”


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