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Nathan, son of Anthony Albanese, is wild on the internet


Anthony Albanese became not the only winner last weekend after his son Nathan appeared rare and won the hearts of the internet.

Anthony Albanese was not the only winner over the weekend after his son Nathan won the heart of the internet.

Rarely appearing with his father on Saturday night, 21-year-old Nathan was named on social media as “Australia’s most suitable bachelor” and “a very handsome man” when Scott Morrison conceded defeat.

The last time Nathan appeared with his father was on Saturday to cast his vote, but he had not been seen since the start of the May 1 Labor campaign.

Nathan is the child of Albanese and his ex-wife, former New Wales Labor MP Carmel Tebut. The couple divorced in 2019 after 30 years of living together.

Mrs. Tebut was also seen next to Nathan on Saturday night before he climbed the podium with his father.

In an interview with news.com.au on the eve of the election, the Labor leader, when asked if he had any “amulets of luck”, said that he talked to his son during the election campaign.

“I have a way to make sure I talk to my son every day,” he said.

“And it’s a talisman for me. He is still studying. He is finishing his diploma. He is 21.

It is clear that Nathan divides his time between his mother and father and does not decide whether he will move to the House of Kiribili after winning the election.

“We are close, we live together. He also spends time with his mother. But I am very proud of them. He has turned into a very good young man, and he will be there to campaign for me until Saturday at 18:00, ”Mr Albanese said.

In his triumphant speech, Mr. Albanese called his son “his most honorable achievement.”

“Thank you, comrade, for your love and support,” he said.

“Your mother who is here today, Carmel, we are both so proud of the caring, wonderful, intelligent young man you have become.”

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