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“National Treasure” Jackie Weaver is back with another Hollywood hit


Without a doubt, Australian stage, television and film star Jackie Weaver is the most hard-working character actress in Hollywood.

Although she has been in the entertainment industry since she was 15, Weaver became a more recognizable Hollywood star at the age of 50 after her Oscar-nominated roles. Animal Kingdom (2010), Silver Playbook Lining (2012) and the Kevin Costner seriesYellowstone (2018).

And now, at 75, she is back on the big screen along with Hollywood energy Mark Wahlberg in his new confessional biopipe Father Stu.

Weaver plays Kathleen Long, wife of Bill Long (Mel Gibson) and the mother of Stuart Long (Wahlberg), a former amateur boxer who makes an unlikely career turn when surviving a horrific motorcycle accident.

To appreciate Weaver’s comedic moment and presence, look no further than the film’s recently released trailer, where Wahlberg, a devout Catholic and father of five in real life, enthusiastically informs his screen mother of the news of his decision to join the Catholic Church. .

“I will be a priest,” he says.

“On Halloween?” She replies.

In the Q&A readership for The Guardian On May 6, Weaver answered difficult questions from its global fans before the film was released on May 12.

“I liked the fact that even though it’s a‘ faith-based film ’, it’s still hilarious, disrespectful and unpredictable,” she said.

Weaver has starred in the role of a mother several times, and one fan asked who is her favorite child on screen: Bradley Cooper or Mark Wahlberg?

“I love them both,” she said.

“Mothers should not prefer one child. I had many outstanding children: Emily Blunt, Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Debecca. It was very serious because she is six feet three inches tall and I am less than five feet. “

The weaver told Audio ABC Father Stu does not draw any blows when it comes to his message of faith and redemption.

“These are hard and sad things in life that test your courage and test your emotional strength, sometimes in a tragic way,” Weaver says.

“But that’s what makes you stronger, in the end, I think.”

When Jackie made it big

Weaver has 60 years of experience in the film business.

But that was only until the success of the Australian crime drama The animal kingdom and Silver Playbook backing (With Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in the lead roles) that she finally succeeded in Hollywood and moved there to earn on her growing popularity.

In response to Fr. Guardian Asked how enjoyable that moment was, she replied: “It was amazing.”

“It was a huge but pleasant shock. I’ve been in about 70 plays and made about 15 films and a lot of TV shows in Australia and I was completely satisfied.

“So when Hollywood came to me at age 63, I was stunned. It was great – 12 years have passed and I have not stopped working.

“Every day I am filled with wonder.

“I’ve always been such a snob about Los Angeles. I’ve been going to New York every year since 1972 – a theater city, I just like it. I thought, “Oh, no, I don’t want to know about Los Angeles.”

“But now I am completely converted. I hate movement but love the weather and the lifestyle. It is also related to age. I couldn’t do another winter in New York; so cold. I haven’t seen snow until I was 40. “

Age is not a barrier to fitting parts

In a 2016 interview with The Daily Telegraphwhen asked about her longevity in the industry and that she was getting older, Weaver said Hollywood was “friendly” and did not discriminate on age, as some actors suggested when omitting key roles.

“There are a lot of great roles for women my age,” she said.

“I’ve never faced this. Remember I’m under 60 and under five feet, so maybe things like that don’t apply to people like me. Maybe it happens to young actors.

“But I think sometimes you get a job and sometimes you miss it,” she continued.

“It is pointless to write off people’s superstitions. From what I’ve seen, there are a lot of simple girls who mature. Also a lot of fat girls. I think everyone is recruiting. “

Until 2019, in which she made or shot a total of seven films, including Penguin Bloom with Naomi Watts in the lead role and a film about aging cheerleaders called Pamsaid the Weaver Fair of Vanity the real reason why she will not retire.

“I take the parts that will be the most difficult and difficult for me,” she explained.

“Because I think it’s good for my brain. I think sitting and contemplating your navel would be awful. From time to time I love a little solitude and time for meditation, but I think constant activity is good for me and my mental health.

“I’ve made 73 plays and 46 films, and from time to time I think,‘ I wish I had the opportunity to play Viola in Twelfth nightor Eliza Doolittle, or Juliet, or Nora’s Dollhouse“, – she said in an interview in 2019, which described her as Fr. The “national treasure” in Australia.

“But I try not to regret what you can’t do anything about because it’s just the top neurotic.

“I just want to keep working until I fall asleep.”

Father Stu is released in cinemas from May 12


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