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NBL22: Chris Goulding scores 27 points when Melbourne United beat Cairns Typons to secure first place


Chris Goulding is clearly ready for the NBL finals.

United’s favorite son is in dynamic form when the champions are set to win over Cairns Typons with 12 points, effectively securing themselves in first place.

Two the night after the funeral of the brave Brisbane with 8 points in the fourth quarter in 90 seconds, The NBL’s top scorer impressed the brave taipans with an irresistible demonstration of deep shooting.

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CG43 scored six three-pointers on the way to 27 points in the game in a 92-80 victory.

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Goulding said the club has set one of its top goals of the season to secure a home advantage in the final.

“It’s very nice,” Goulding said.

“There are a lot of things that have to do with reaching the finals.

“It is profitable for the club, it is profitable for the fans.

“It gives us the maximum number of home games, and over the last couple of years there have been cases where we have played little at home or not played in front of crowds.

“We want to play in front of our home fans, we want to reward them for staying with us.

“It’s about doing what we need to do to put ourselves in the best position (to make sure) that every time there is a first final game at home, we’re ready to go.”

At the start of the game, it could have been a copy of the clash with the Bullets on Thursday night, as United failed to attack and found nasty problems at both ends of the floor when the taipans, who were skating and talking, took it upon themselves.

Joe Lual-Aquile Jr. picked up two quick fouls in the second, and he asked Dean Wickerman to challenge the first. A replay at the John Cain Arena showed that his coach probably had to listen. If the big man had played in the AFL, he would have been fined 50 meters for distrustfully raising his hands.

Sports freak Ariel Hookporty replaced the MVP candidate and created an incredible moment when he turned down Taipan Keanu Pinder because of the bloc. He then canceled his brilliant defensive work by moving through Taher McCall on his way down the other end.

The champions were a little wrong, as they were nine minutes behind in two minutes of the second minute.

The sleep did not last long.

Everything Wickermann said in the next timeout worked because the energetic United went on a 19-4 series – 10 of them on Goulding – quickly erasing the deficit. When Matthew Delavedova knocked down a three on a whistle during the break, it was a reversal of 18 points in just eight minutes.

Even more so in the third, another eight from Goulding poured in seven from Delhi, increasing the lead to 15 before they kept the Taipans in the latter.

Now United is ahead of Sydney, who finished second, by two games and a percentage. The Kings have two games left – Cairns, then Ilovara – but will have to win both with a margin of 150 points and hopes that United will lose the last game against the Jack Jumpers in Tasmania.

Wickerman paid tribute to Goulding’s speech.

“The goal of this club every year is to try to achieve that (finish at the top),” Wickerman said.

“We had a chance to do that, and CG, one of the best in the league, is experiencing moments when he just needs to give us a little more, and he did it tonight.”

It was a rare quiet night for Luala Aquila Jr., who missed six of eight shots in just seven points, but he became only the fifth Melbourne United player to score 1,000 points for the club, by the way, with a big throw in the third quarter. Only Goulding, teammate David Barlow and the guards who won the championship, Casper Ware and Mitch McCarran scored.

Without the importation of Scott Machad and Stephen Zimmerman, Taipan coach Adam Ford turned to underutilized guard Ben Eyre only in his seventh NBL game.

Occasionally leveling with defensive monsters Shi Ili, Matthew Delovedova and Caleb Agada, Eyre impressed with 20 points, 9 assists and just one serve. In the third he jumped along with Goulding and even raised three fingers to the crowd, drinking one from the depths. He has a ticket.

Orly was rewarded for a good performance against Brisbane, retaining a place in the starting lineup. Judah Baba returned to the bench, and Delavedo was cured of the disease that had prevented him against the Bullets.


Bummer bronze medalist and San Antonio Spurs star Jock Landale has spent just one year at United, but he is part of the furniture. Returning home after the end of the NBA season, the center of the 2021 United Championship was met with a huge roar when his face popped out on the jumbo. A good tribute to a key part of the success of both the club and the country.

Camera iconJock Landale was at home when United took first place. Melbourne United Media Credit: Supplied


Taipan Bull Kuol entered the game, and it took him two three-pointers to overshadow the NBL rookie record held by legendary shooter Shane Hill. At the start of the second quarter, he equaled Hamer with his 57th of the season. He set a record early in the latter. It was a great season for the 25-year-old, and players recognized him as the best talent in an exclusive News Corp poll. Keanu Pinder’s teammate continued his strong finish of the season, scoring 15 points and nine rebounds. He also received a lot of love from the players, taking third place in the voting for the best.


Melbourne United 92-80 Cairns Typons

Crowd: 6042


Goulding: 27 points, 6 3 p.m.

Delaware: 17 points, 5 rebounds

Hookports: 12 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks


Eyre: 20 points, 9 assists, 2 steals

Dan: 16 points

Pinder: 15 points, 9 rebounds

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