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Netball Sponsorship: The “Gina Meinhart” sketch reappears at the time

Comedy sketch about billionaire mogul Gina Rinehart resurfaces after her campaign .
Australian Diamonds players expressed concern about the partnership due to which prompted Hancock Prospecting to terminate the deal on October 22.
Then a skit featuring actor Magda Shubanski as “Gina Meinhart” stroking a piece of iron ore was retweeted on Twitter as people discussed the news.

“What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine. What is in the mine is mine, and what is not in the mine is also mine,” Shubansky said in the essay.

The clip was from the 2015 sketch series Open Slather, which aired on the defunct Foxtel Comedy Channel.
“This was brilliant. Thanks Magda, it has aged beautifully,” one person commented.
“More relevant than ever given the withdrawal of netball sponsorship and Sharon’s love of the game. If you have to, if you have to… don’t,” another person wrote, referring to Sharon Strzelecki’s character on Kat & Kim.

Shubansky often portrayed “Meinhart” in such skits as heavily edited A 60 minute interview or a charity shop trade.

Why Hancock Prospecting pulled out of sponsorship of Netball Australia

The mining company’s $15 million sponsorship commitment, which was to be extended over four years, attracted media attention and public scrutiny after players reportedly expressed concern about wearing Hancock’s logo on their uniforms.
Diamonds player and Noongar woman Donnell Wall is reportedly upset over the historic racist comments made by the company’s former owner, Ms Rinehart’s father Lang Hancock.

In 1984, Mr Hancock proposed the sterilization of Aboriginal people by poisoning the waterways as a “solution” to the “Aboriginal problem”.

There were also reports of environmental issues, a split within the playing group and communication problems between Netball Australia and the Players Association.
However, in a statement members of the Australian team denied a split in the group and ruled out protesting over environmental concerns.
Netball Australia (NA) captain Liz Watson continued to publicly support the deal.

Hancock Prospecting announced on Saturday afternoon that it was withdrawing the proposed sponsorship.

The Diamonds celebrate their victory over New Zealand’s Silver Ferns in the Constellation Cup on October 23. credit: Bradley Canaris/Getty Images

In a statement, the company said it was unaware of “the complexity of the issues that previously existed between Netball Australia and the Players Association”.

“Hancock and, by extension, Roy Hill, have entered into these proposed partnerships in good faith and based on the statements and resulting understanding that Netball Australia and the sport’s key stakeholder groups, including the Australian Diamonds, are united in their support of one of the Western Australia. leading mining companies become their main sponsors,” the statement said.
In a second statement, Hancock implied media scrutiny was one of the reasons he declined the sponsorship offer.
“The reality is that sponsorships are an integral part of sports organizations, from the full-time pros to the little kids at the grassroots level, who rely on corporations to make the investments that allow all sports to not only survive, but thrive.”

“Unfortunately, recent media does not help encourage sports sponsorship.”


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