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New Australian Sports Alliance works together for a more inclusive future – Disability Sports Australia


The Australian Sports Alliance for People with Disabilities (ASAPD) recognizes International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD) and supports its goal of promoting greater understanding of disability issues and mobilizing support for the dignity, rights and well-being of those with disabilities, disabilities or limitations.

The Alliance brings together nine (9) Australia’s national sports organizations for people with disabilities, all of which share the common goal of improving the lives of Australians living with disabilities by using sport as an environment.

“Every member of the Alliance already has a solid foundation, a wealth of knowledge and experience that supports the resources and programs delivered to the sport, schools and leisure and fitness industries across Australia. This collaboration will add a new level of empowerment and direction to the people they support, ”said newly appointed Alliance President Robin Smith (who is the CEO of Sport Inclusion Australia).

Initiated in partnership with Sport Australia, the Alliance has already achieved significant success by submitting a joint submission to the National Disability Strategy to ensure that sport is included in the next 10-year plan.

“We have already seen the strength of nine national organizations working together as a team under the National Disability Strategy, and the Alliance looks forward to continuing to work with Australian sport to build their capacity to involve all Australians,” said the Alliance Vice President. , Phil Harper (who is the CEO of Deaf Sports Australia).

The Alliance has already set up four key groups to continue its work, including: government and advocacy; Joint services and cooperation; Participation and ways; and research and innovation. In the new year, a new project manager will be appointed to coordinate the work of these groups and increase the impact and overall resources and effectiveness of the Alliance.

Alliance member John Krol (Chair of Disabled Sports Australia) said that the theme of IDPwD 2020 was “Back Better: Towards a world that is accessible and sustainable after COVID-19, which includes disability”.

“The role of sport in community building, social inclusion and communication has never been so important, especially for people with disabilities. A key initiative of the Alliance will be to explore the economic and social value of sport and participation for all people with disabilities, ”he said.

Another member of the Alliance, Lynn Anderson (Director General of the Paralympic Games of Australia) said: “It’s amazing to see how far this initiative has come and what it has achieved in such a short time in developing a strong and unified team for the sector.”

Nine national sports organizations for people with disabilities that created the Alliance:

For an interview, contact: Alliance Chair Robin Smith at 0418 979 459


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