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New destination for Adelaide PHN, a nursing home in Flinders


A researcher at the Flinders Institute, Professor Stacey George has been appointed Professor of Healthy Aging, Support and Care as part of a new collaboration between Flinders University and the Adelaide Primary Health Care Network (PHN).

Founded and funded by the federal government in 2015, Adelaide PHN is a non-profit organization that is one of 31 PHNs operating across Australia and one of two in South Australia.

Adelaide PHN Chairman Tom Simmonds welcomed Professor George to the new role.

The position will support evidence-based implementation of Australia’s 10-year primary care plan for 2022-2032 across Adelaide and promote rigorous evaluation, guided by implementation approaches to assess both outcomes for older people and changing practices.

Professor Stacey George said the plan found a shortcoming in related health and nursing services, especially in care services for the elderly.

“In collaboration with industry, government and other external organizations, we will strengthen research collaboration and support the recruitment of international and domestic graduate students and scholarships.

“Collaborating with the Institute for Concerned Futures will provide strategic leadership and vision through the development of research capacity and capabilities that increase research productivity and respond to the needs and priorities of the University and Adelaide PHN with sound results,” said George.

Simonds said: “This collaboration will have a significant path in developing and expanding a translational research program in such an important area for our entire community. Adelaide PHN as an industry partner and the Caring Futures Institute as a research partner are both organizations that, as far as I know, are guided by a mission to provide the best service in our community.

“Working together, we will focus on building research capacity and capacity to support the translation of research into practice and ultimately improve the health outcomes of older people.”

Image caption: Professor Stacey George and APHN Executive Manager Wendy Doleys. Image courtesy of Flinders University.


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