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Dan McCarthy

Soon everything will change for the new Gen3 Mustang.

A complete body replacement is planned ahead of next season’s racing car racing debut, changes that need to be made to match the look of the future seventh-generation Stang road.

And while changes to the road car version may well be quite subtle overall, any changes to the aerial effect, regardless of whether the existing Mustang Gen3 test car will go down in Supercars history without racing.

No one is commenting on what impact these changes will have on aerodynamic performance and thus on the Gen3 parity position, but it would seem that some adjustments will need to be made – and fairly soon – if cars appear in 2023 with even a balance of aerodynamic performance .

Ford and Supercars are holding the lid clamped on any details of the new Mustang or plans to use it in Supercars competitions, but photos of the newcomer have just leaked from the US.

They demonstrate a much more aggressive front-end handling, which probably means a complete rethink, and a new round of airport testing for the Gen3 racer’s body.

The rest of the car is expected to be just as fresh, but so far no one is saying anything.

“Ford does not comment on future model programs,” is the only response from Ford Australia to a news request from AUTO ACTION.

In the latest edition AUTO ACTION is sold digitally herewe’ll show you what the Mustang Gen3, presented by motorsport artist Tim Pattinson, is likely to look like.

To read the full story of this Gen3 Mustang, purchase the latest edition onlineor at your local newsstand.


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