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New shocking details emerge when Guy Sebastian testifies at trial over his former manager for embezzlement


The struggle to obtain important financial information from former manager Guy Sebastian was reminiscent of living in a “nightmare,” according to the court.

Titus Day, 49, is on trial in the New South Wales District Court after he was charged with 50 counts of fraud in a fraud amounting to about $ 900,000 in royalties, execution and payments to the ambassador allegedly owed to Mr Sebastian.

Camera iconGuy Sebastian was roasted in a witness box on Tuesday. Credit: News Corp Australia, NCA NewsWire / Gaye Gerard

The one-time agent of celebrities such as Grant Denier and Sophie Monk is also battling 50 alternative charges of theft.

Mr. Sebastian gave Mr. Day great control over his finances when the couple worked together between 2009 and 2017, with most of the income the singer received went directly to Mr. Day’s company 6 Degrees.

After the money was received, Mr. Day was instructed to withdraw the pre-agreed amount of commissions and pay Mr. Sebastian the remainder.

When the couple’s relationship suffered a bitter rift, Mr Sebastian claimed to have discovered anomalies that led him to sue the Federal Court against Mr Day in an attempt to get back the money he allegedly owed.

Camera iconTitus Day denies wrongdoing. NCA Newswire / Hey Gerard Credit: News Corp Australia

Mr Day responded with a cross-claim, claiming that Mr Sebastian owed the money to him, a claim denied by the former Australian Idol winner and reality show judge.

Police got involved in 2020, when criminal charges were filed against Mr. Day, and after a shaky start – including the death of a judge, the Covid case and the release of jurors after someone had an allergic reaction to food – the trial resumed on Tuesday.

Mr. Sebastian returned to the witness box where Crown Attorney David Morters SC continued to question him about the nature of his relationship with Mr. Day.

The emails submitted to the court showed numerous attempts by Mr. Sebastian’s accountants to obtain financial documents, such as invoices with commissions of 6 Degrees required to complete the 2014 tax return.

Westlife LtoR: Kian Egan, Shane Philan and Nicki Byrne on stage at Brisbane Mall
Camera iconIrish boy band singer Shane Philan has drawn his name into the controversy. Credit: News Corp Australia
Taylor Swift paid Guy Sebastian nearly half a million dollars for four performances.
Camera iconTaylor Swift paid Guy Sebastian nearly half a million dollars for four performances. Credit: Supplied

The court said the 6 Degrees officer either never provided the requested information or said they should “chase” Mr. Dee.

Mr Sebastian told the court that “it was like blood from a stone trying to reconcile Taylor Swift” – a reference to $ 494,000 Mr Day was paid on behalf of Mr Sebastian when he spoke four times in support of the American singer during her tour of Australia in 2013.

“As a result, I had a tax bill,” Mr. Sebastian said.

A portion of Mr. Taylor Swift’s payments to Mr. Sebastian is among the 50 that Mr. Day allegedly squandered.

Mr Sebastian told the court that he also found it difficult to get Mr Day to provide financial information on the multimillion-dollar You Me Us tour.

“We are once again pursuing financial reconciliation,” Mr Sebastian said.

“Almost every tour was a nightmare that I had to chase all the time. My accountants were going through hard times. “

Earlier in the court it was reported that Mr. Day suggested to Sebastian that the accountants had shown “incompetence”, and later Sebastian began to use a new accounting firm.

Camera iconThe dispute with Titus Day and the court showdown affected Judge The Voice. Credit: News Corp Australia, NCA Newswire / Gaye Gerard

Asked about the $ 66,000 McDonald’s paid him for the Cancun event, Mr Sebastian said he was led to believe he owed only $ 33,000 or less.

“The way we learned about the actual payments was through these invoices that my assistant Rebecca Oxenbold found in the office,” Mr. Sebastian said.

Mr Day claimed that $ 20,500 of McDonald’s money had been withheld because he and Courtney’s wife needed to be reimbursed “for the payment we made on behalf of Guy to British music promoter Solo as a fee for Guy acting in support of the UK performed by Shane Filan ”.

Mr. Sebastian performed in 2017 in support of Mr. Philan, a pop singer who was a member of the Irish boy band Westlife.

He said he was not told about the $ 20,500 fee and would never agree to pay for a performance in support of another artist.

Another payment that Mr. Sebastian said was unaware of the $ 60,000 he had raised for a performance at an unexpected birthday party in Jakarta.

The court was told that Mr Day had withheld more than $ 5,000 from Sebastian and claimed to have transferred it to Tessie Schultz, a German manager, “to pay the fee that Guy owes”.

Mr Sebastian told the court that he was “not responsible for paying Tessie Schultz”.

“It’s just a seam,” he said.

The trial continues.


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