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New Wales police have arrested the Supreme Comanche after the murder of Greenock


A senior member of the biker gang Comanchero has been charged with New Wales police stepping up activities following the murder last week of the notorious Sydney thug.

On Friday, a 41-year-old man who police claim is a national sergeant of the Camanchero armed motorcycle group was charged on two counts of violating a serious crime prevention order after he did not tell police he changed his life . while visiting NSW.

He will appear in the local court of the Downing Center in June.

It comes after gang member Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad was shot dead on southwest Sydney Street on Wednesday night, which the homicide squad detective superintendent Danny Doherty described as brazen and brutal murder.

“The number of people with Ahmad on the street at the time is an absolute miracle that no one else was hurt,” D’Upt said on Thursday.

The hit seemed to be another chapter in the city’s bloody gang wars when Raptor Squad police conducted CPR on a 39-year-old boy on Greencourt Street before he died Wednesday night.

Deputy Prime Minister and Police Minister Paul Tull said the government is committed to supporting officers in eliminating Sydney’s organized crime networks.

“The death of Mahmoud Ahmad in Greenacre was a shameful and unbearable act of public violence, but it only strengthens our determination to ensure that the police are well prepared to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators,” Mr Tull said.

“Police are watching”

“The message is simple: if you are even remotely involved in organized crime, the police are watching, they have clues, and they will act.”

A large amount of intelligence was gathered in the run-up to and a few days after Ahmad’s assassination, Darren Bennett, director of the State Department for Combating Crime and Chief Superintendent, said Sunday.

“Preventing such events is an imperfect science – and a difficult one at that,” he said. Said Bennett.

“Ahmad was repeatedly warned of the imminent threat to his life, but he chose to ignore these warnings, which led to fatal consequences.”

He said officers are involved in covert and open operations with homicide detectives in the homicide to stop further violence.

“Such barbarism cannot be tolerated, and I just want to assure everyone that stopping these killings and bringing the perpetrators to justice are most important to the police,” he said.


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