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Non-surgical Brazilian buttock lift

Costhetics mailbox is always crowded, often with inquiries about non-invasive alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

More recently, people have asked if there is an alternative to surgery known as Brazilian buttock lift. Our team tackled this and reviewed news and information on cosmetic improvement and cosmetic surgery to find the answer.

We were surprised to learn that Brazilian buttock lift surgery is in high demand, despite some deeply disturbing statistics. This prompted us to explore a filler-based approach to back sculpture, with an excellent track record to meet and security.

What is a Brazilian Buttock Lift?

Brazilian buttock lifting is a bit of a misnomer for a procedure developed by a doctor in New York. In the 1990s, revolutionary, two-phase cosmetic surgery was filmed on video. While monitoring the cameras, the surgeon sucked fat from the sides, waist and abdomen of his patient. Then the same fat was re-introduced into her back, giving her more fullness and dimensionality. The patient was from Brazil, and the video was titled “Building Brazilian Ass”.

The name “Brazilian ass” remained in people’s minds – as well as the operation – as well as the slender ass of a woman. The BBL has become synonymous with the wide bottom from Rio to Sao Paulo. Soon, Kim Kardashian’s high, toned ass made her ultra-popular, became popular and interesting all over the world.

The procedure is still causing news 30 years later. The New York Times reports:

  • In 2020, 40,320 buttocks were performed (Source: Aesthetic Society)
  • From January to May 2021, the keyword “BBL” was searched 200,000 times a month (Google)

All this is true despite it is News also shared by The Times:

  • The procedure has the highest mortality rate among cosmetic surgeries

The cost of a Brazilian buttock brace: time and money

Buttock improvement, a medical term that describes Brazilian buttock lifting, is a difficult surgical procedure. It’s not cheap. Here in Australia, on average cost for BBL varies from state to state. The type of increase chosen also affects the cost. Patients who choose fat transfer will pay between 11,000 and 14,000 Australian dollars. Those who opt for implant augmentation will pay closer to A $ 18,000.

Other than cost, some people can’t afford these high prices are associated with the restoration of Brazilian elevators

  • Do not sit or put weight on your ass and back for at least two weeks
  • Sleep only on your stomach
  • Refusal of full activity for one month after surgery
  • Accidental implant rupture

These problems pale in comparison to the risks that arise during Brazilian buttock lift surgery. A report in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal notes that one to two of the 6,000 BBLs have resulted in death. Even with excellent training, surgeons may find it difficult to understand whether they are administering transferred fat to gluteal muscle. Improper injection can cause fat to interfere with bleeding in the heart or lungs. Death is immediate.

Countries have not yet banned the operation, but a wide range of peer groups have called for it to end. In its place it is recommended to sculpt a derrier with injectable filler.

How to pump up a flat ass without surgery

Some of us are lucky that they were born with chubby, lively burrs. But even the liveliest ass can start to sag and swell as we age. Whether you’ve had it and lost it, or never had, you may not want the surgery to have a great bottom. The good news is that you don’t need it. The same filler that has been used for years to rejuvenate the face works wonders a little lower on the body … on the wanderings.

The secret is collagen. Filler injections stimulate the production of natural collagen, which helps:

  • Restore volume
  • Smooth the dimples
  • Correct inequalities
  • Improve contours

Fillers for your butt are different from face fillers. They are stronger and denser to withstand all the punishment that your ass takes compared to, say, your cheeks. Injections of the filler to improve the back take about 30 minutes, with most patients requiring two to five sessions. Sessions can be scheduled at intervals of two to four weeks. They are a great option for slender people who would like to have curvy backs but who lack excess fat to carry.

Skin fillers for the back give subtle results that develop over time. This is perfect for people who are worried that their transformation will be too obvious. Slow development also makes it easy to make any necessary adjustments. The final results will be at their peak in about eight weeks and can last up to two years. If you need to replenish your treatment, you can easily schedule additional injections.

Cothetics says: “Find the right doctor for lifting testicles.”

A highly qualified, skilled and experienced specialist is always the best way when it comes to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic improvement. If you want a little more rubbish in your trunk and don’t know which route suits you best, Costhetics says ask an expert. We will be happy to help you find a doctor in your area who can help you achieve your aesthetic dreams.


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