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North Adelaide forward Jacob Bower believes he will be a confident choice in the mid-season AFL Draft as a recruiter


A high-flying prospect from New South Wales, capable of playing on both ends of the field as a definite pick in the AFL Draft mid-season next week.

Jacob Bauer left the Swan Academy last year, but has sparked interest from at least six AFL clubs with a tumultuous start to the SANFL season for North Adelaide.

The 19-year-old is one of 14 prospects to undergo a medical examination before the June 1 draft, and players are demanding that they be nominated by several clubs.

Most of this group are expected to find an AFL home on Wednesday of the week.

Bauer has requested an 18-month contract if he is drafted, which will give him a chance until the end of the 2023 season.

Camera iconJacob Bower looms as a definite pick in the AFL Draft mid-season next week. Brenton Edwards Credit: News Corp Australia

It is believed that both Sydney clubs – “Giants” and “Swans” – “Collingwood”, “Esendan”, “Richmond” and “Carlton” are interested in the swingman 191 cm tall, who scored 15 goals in five senior games this year.

On average, Bower scores nine, almost three 50 and five points per game.

After the teenager took the lead role in the pre-season trial game against the reserves of “Crows”, and then began the season in reserve, “Roosters” with great effect swung him forward.

The only match that Bower missed was due to a concussion.

Among his 15 goals were 5 in a row, with his coach from North Adelaide Jacob Surjan, who played 121 AFL games for Port Adelaide, said he became a regular with moving from Sydney to Adelaide.

Bauer’s knock from the club is his ball game and controversial work, but Surjan said he is already showing improvement.

“He has an excellent ability to mark the ball and read the flight of the ball in the air. He is also very competitive and has a great set, ”Surjan told News Corp.

“He knows areas of the game where he needs to improve, but he has a lot of things that AFL clubs need and like.

“I don’t think he needs to get bigger, but he just needs to get stronger in his body and in his competition, and if he gets into the AFL environment, he’ll have plenty of time to do that.”

Unlike other state league coaches who were unhappy with the loss of promising players during the season, Surjan couldn’t be happier than Bauer.

Action photos of the SANFL game between North Adelaide and Central District on Aval Avenue.
Camera iconJacob Bauer’s aerial skill attracts the attention of AFL recruiters. Brenton Edwards Credit: News Corp Australia

Northern Adelaide focused on Sydney as a breeding ground for hiring, but Bower actually contacted the club after seeing some of his peers heading there.

“I will be very happy if Jacob is potentially the first developer to be drafted in the middle of the season from North Adelaide,” he said.

“Part of our job, obviously, is to win premier seats at our club, but we still know that we are an AFL competition and we need to try to raise kids to try to get into the AFL as soon as possible .

“Jacob’s development lately has been remarkable. He’s very mobile, he wants to get the best out of himself, and he’s a really humble kid. ”


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