Home Business North Melbourne Kangaroos lose three recruits ahead of mid-season call-up

North Melbourne Kangaroos lose three recruits ahead of mid-season call-up


The exit is also the result of media criticism and close scrutiny of North’s recruitment and list management, which followed a massive revision of the game list and the disappearance of the young couple and key signatures Jadin Stevenson and Calum Coleman-Jones last week. The club has also been convicted of failing to look at Logan MacDonald, a key striker in Sydney, in the 2020 national draft.

Will Phillips, North’s top pick (№ 3) in the 2020 draft, has yet to play this season due to illness after spending 16 games last year.

“Mark and Glenn have been valuable members of North Melbourne Football Club and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors,” Rawlings said in a statement.

“Mark and Glenn worked hard and tirelessly for the club and we thank them for their work.

“The team’s planning and preparation for the draft in the middle of the season has been very thorough and will keep us in good shape as we look forward to next week.


“We will begin the process of replacing the now vacant positions on our recruitment and management team in the coming months.”

Based on his current position in the ladder, North takes two elections in the draft in the middle of next season, however, if only 2.1 per cent separate them and the West Coast in the ladder, he can still secure the first choice.

Meanwhile, North Melbourne has denied a SEN report that they warned the No. 1 player in the Jason Horn-Francis draft for not informing the club that he had flown home to Adelaide on Mother’s Day.

Horn-Francis, who missed the ninth round due to hamstring strain, would make three flights in four days, arriving in Adelaide and then in Melbourne. “I have no idea about this comrade, I don’t know where you got it from,” Rawlings told 3AW.

But Rawlings added: “He certainly missed the game with hamstring tension, it’s true.” Horn-Francis did not sign a contract extension after 2023, but Rawlings said he was not worried about it, given that the №1 draft still had the entire following season before he finished his contract.

“Well, none of our players have signed from this draft … I have seen many times in other clubs that they are in their second season and everyone is signing,” Rawlings said.


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