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North Melbourne Kangaroos vs. Port Adelaide Power odds, tips, predictions and teams – AFL 2022


Blundstone Arena will host Saturday’s 9th round AFL game between North Melbourne Kangaroos and Port Adelaide Power. The game starts at 14:10, and Port Adelaide Power will enter the game as favorites in bookmakers. Continue reading for our detailed preview of the game North Melbourne Kangaroos Vs. Port Adelaide Power and give you our free tips and bets.

When: Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 2:10 p.m.

Where: Blandstone Arena

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North Melbourne Kangaroo vs. Port Adelaide Power

North Melbourne Kangaroo vs. Port Adelaide Power Preview

On Saturday, North Melbourne will host Port Adelaide at the Blundstone Arena and will seek to stop the bleeding after a difficult start to the season.

In the last round, Port Adelaide won a good victory over the Bulldogs, and the victory here could see how they started to return to their season after a disastrous start.

North would have to give himself an insidious chance to upset Port at the Blundstone Arena. Although I’m not convinced.

Supporting Port to win, and if they’re serious, they have to do it with 10+ goals.

Update rates:

Surprisingly, there was little money for North Melbourne earlier in the week, but it has since dried up and the port has remained a clear favorite.

The port remains in them $ 1.13 opening price. North Melbourne opened in $ 6.00 and that’s where they stay, but within a week they touched $ 5.50.

The first scorer

First scoring author:

Robbie Gray on $ 11.

North Melbourne Kangaroo vs. Port Adelaide Power Teams


B: K. Turner, A. Corr, J. Walker

HB: B. Scott, L. MacDonald, L. Young

C: C. Taylor, L. Davies-Uniacke, F. Perez

HF: J. Stevenson, N. Larkey, P. Curtis

F: J. Siebel, C. Zurhaar, J. Anderson

FOLL: T. Goldstein, J. Simpkin, T. Thomas

I / C: J. Mahony, A. Bosenavulagi, C. Coleman-Jones, T. Powell

EMG: J. Archer, C. Lazzaro, K. Hayden, M. McGuinness

In: N. Larkey, T. Powell

EXITS: B. McKay, J. Horn-Francis (both wounded), H. Greenwood (HS Protocol)


B: R. Burton, A. Aliir, T. Clary

HB: L. Jones, T. Jonas, D. Byrne-Jones

C: K. Amon, W. Drew, D. Houston

HF: Z.Butters, M.Georgiades, C.Rozee

F: R. Gray, T. Marshall, S. Powell-Pepper

FOLL: S. Hayes, O. Weins, T. Boak

I / C: S. Motlop, X. Duursma, J. Finlayson, K. Farrell

EMG: O. Fantasy, O. Lord, M. Frederick, T. Schafield

IN: K. Farrell

EXITS: R. Boner (wounded), T. Dumont (HS Protocol)


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