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NRL coach Paul Green had an undiagnosed brain condition, a post-mortem has revealed


Paul Green in action for Cronulla.credit:Fairfax

“He had no mental health issues; he just couldn’t control what was going on in his head.’

Amanda suspected her husband was not living with depression as first thought and said the diagnosis brought some “peace” and “relief” to the family.

“I was able to sit [son] Come down and explain, “Dad had a sick brain, that’s why he did what he did.” The diagnosis helped to understand what happened,” she said.

“For my daughter, Emerson, it also gave her a sense of relief because of what was said [that Green had depression].

“Now she realizes that he wasn’t in that place and we couldn’t do anything because he was sick. We just didn’t know that.”

Former AFL players Danny Frawley and Shane Tuck were diagnosed with CTE after their own deaths, while South Sydney standout Mario Fenech is now living with the condition.

Amanda said she will continue to raise awareness about CTE.

“My goal is to shed light on Paul’s diagnosis so that we can advance our approach to identifying, educating, treating and supporting people with CTE,” she said.


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