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NSW Prime Minister Jack Lang fired


The current crisis, he added, could banish a number of decent but hazy Labor from public life forever.

“The news will be a life-giving rain after the ‘old’ drought,” said Mr Tout, president of the Grazing Association.

The announcement caused the greatest surprise in the Trade Hall, where the position of the ministry was considered reliable.

Several members of the Federal Ministry have expressed the belief that the new South Wales will now have a prudent government.

United Australia and United Country officials say their pre-election arrangements are well advanced.

Statements of enforcement may be withdrawn if Mr. Stevens undertakes to comply with the State’s obligations of interest.

After a night session of the Legislative Council, the third reading of the Mortgage Tax Bill was passed by 47 votes to 38.

The Commonwealth Parliament promptly passed all stages of the draft law on financial emergencies (state legislation).

This measure was introduced by Mr. Lyon in order to repeal the law on taxation of public mortgages.

The measure was passed in the House of Representatives by 43 votes to nine, and in the Senate by 18 votes to five.


British mortgage lenders in a petition to the governor asked him not to approve a bill on mortgage taxation.

The conflict between the state and the Commonwealth has caused almost hopeless confusion in official and business circles.

As a result of Mr. Lang’s disobedience to federal law, the thousands-pound business was shut down.


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