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Offering a complete package of both filling and new land development


Property buyers in Perth are often faced with the dilemma of loving the place where they live, but also wanting to enjoy the benefits of a new well-designed home with all the features of modern life.

Historically for many Western Australians living in cities, this meant either choosing to live next to their family and choosing the lifestyle they loved, or moving to new buildings, further, but with new schools, parks and local amenities.

Parcel Property Land Development CEO Jeremy Cordina said the company offers filling options so people no longer have to compromise.

Instead, they can stay in their neighborhood and move into a new home with all the design features they expect.

Mr Cardina said Parcel Property was set up to give its clients a complete package when it came to finding a new home, whether it was a place to fill or a new building land.

This meant choosing in different places and at different prices, right down to offering a wide range of houses and land packages and apartments.

Mr Cordina said Parcel Property was created to revolutionize the shopping experience for individuals, couples and families looking to move into their new home.

‘We never lose sight of the fact that our job is to help people get to a better home, but we believe that this should never mean that you need to lose comfort or need to be close to your family.’ she, friends and local places fell in love, ”he said.

“A good example is Mosaic Balcatta, where buyers can purchase housing and a land package at a good price in an established area.

“Alternatively we have options at Kinmore Green Estate, Darch and the opportunity at Akin Currambine, just five minutes from the stunning WA coast.”

Mr Cordina said Parcel Property also serves the apartment market, which is becoming increasingly popular, and apartments are now being sold in Mosman Park.

He said this focus on the election was one of the key elements that set the campaign apart.

“We do not consider ourselves a developer or a builder, but as a supplier of housing – whether for people who want to enter the housing market for the first time, to empty summer residents who want to enjoy the benefits of living in the city center,” he said.

Mr Cordina said Parcel Property also has a significant number of new estates under construction across the metropolitan area – from Baldyvis to Janchep – with low-cost homes and land packages that offer options to all buyers.

“We are aware of all our developments that we are building a community that offers excellent conditions and places for families to grow and prosper,” he said.

“It means well-thought-out and quality design, attention to detail, inspiring street landscapes, quality parks and greenery, and places with easy access to transport, schools and shopping.”

As one of the most diversified residential real estate companies in the WA, Property of the plot offers a wide range of real estate on land, apartments and completed homes to suit different budgets, locations and lifestyles.


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