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Old – Collision with floods in the carrier of people


Hyundai Staria – We drove to the north coast of NSW, which was recently hit by floods.

We drove the base model Hyundai Staria, but with a 2.2-liter diesel engine that comes with an 8-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive.

The car coped very well with the conditions, being light, easy to drive and confident on uneven, test rural roads. Travel on the freeways was easy with enough space and USB ports for adults in any of the three rows of seats.

Carriers of people have come a long way, representing a more comfortable and safer family car rather than feeling like a redesigned van.


The cost of the Staria excluding travel costs ranges from $ 48,500 for the petrol base model, add $ 3,000 for the diesel AWD. There is an elite specification and a top of the range Highlander with diesel engine and all-wheel drive for $ 66,500.

But our consolation was little consolation to those who were shattered by the flood.

Driving through the Lismore shopping area, all the roads were soiled with dirt, the tiles of the tracks were believed to have been scratched by stones and debris that washed away, and most of the shops were closed with obvious water damage.

Near the roads behind the city center lay piles of garbage and sometimes abandoned cars.

The road to Nimbin was cut, and one lane was closed while they repaired major erosion.

The all-new STARIA has a standard set of advanced SmartSense active safety features and driver assistance.

There are also seven airbags, including Hyundai’s pioneering front central side airbag.

It is mounted on the left side of the driver’s seat back and is designed to prevent or reduce the severity of injuries caused by collisions of front passengers with each other or with cabin components in the event of a side collision.

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