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On Melbourne Cup day there is usually an increase in domestic violence – and alcohol – just one of the many complex reasons for this


Not everyone is looking forward to the Melbourne Cup. Domestic violence and emergency services are ready to increasing potential in calls, calls and receptions.

But like our recent one review showsThe Melbourne Cup is not the only major sporting event in the world linked to a rise in domestic violence.

Not everyone agrees on why this happens. We show that alcohol is only one factor.

What is happening?

Assaults Recorded by the Police and Emergency Department Assault Presentations increase during or near Victoria’s major sporting events – the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne Cup and Formula 1.

In particular, domestic violence to grow significantly on Melbourne Cup day.

In New South Wales, police figures over six years show a rise in domestic assaults by more than 40 percent after home state rugby league matches compared to non-home state evenings.

Domestic violence is also featured in our review is increasing on and around major sporting events around the world. This includes major National Football League games in the United States and Canada and football matches in Scotland.

Why does this happen?

Not everyone agrees on why domestic violence is linked to major sporting events. We know that criminals are becoming more violent or more violent on holidays in Australia. Both the AFL Grand Final and the Melbourne Cup in Victoria are marked by a public holiday during or adjacent to the event.

Alcohol, of course, and risk factor for increasing the frequency and severity of domestic violence. Drinking alcohol during major sporting events and on holidays is well documented.

Melbourne saw a significant increase in domestic violence assaults on Championship Day.(ABC News: Dylan Anderson)

Exactly the same gambling and stress due to loss of income also associated with increasing use and escalation of domestic violence. They can also take place during events such as the Melbourne Cup.

But focusing only on alcohol and gambling creates the risk of such violence make excuses. This focus can make it clear that men cannot be fully responsible for their behavior.

Culture of sports

Sports culture can also be favorable factor to domestic violence. Sports, violence and what it means to be a man have long been recognized connected. For example, coaches promote aggression to perform.

There are also emotional connection to sports. Sports fans exhibit “irrational passions,” maintain “blind optimism,” have “highly charged” memories, and a passion that mimics “addiction“.

however, our review also showed that not all sports or their activities are associated with domestic violence. Everyone is within a culture that varies from sport to sport and country to country.

A man in a red and blue top with his left hand raised at a sports match
Unpleasant or controversial results, such as poor play or refereeing decisions, can also predict an increase in domestic violence.(Pixabay, CC BY-SA)

Some of the studies we reviewed showed that contact sports such as American football, have been linked to an increase in domestic violence. Meanwhile, other contact sports, such as rugby in the UK, were not.

Football is a non-contact sport, but it has been linked increased rates domestic violence in the UK. There was a traditional rivalry between opposing football teams significant impact about the level of domestic violence.

Perhaps emotionally charged games may best indicate whether domestic violence is likely to rise. Examples include finals or when a team is close to winning or losing the league. Unpleasant or controversial results, such as poor play or refereeing decisions, can also predict an increase in domestic violence.


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