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One day in the life of a community pharmacist


Hannah McTier, Pharmacist and Partner, Blooms The Chemist Mount Ommaney and Kenmore

Whether you’re answering questions about digestive health or sharing tips on supplements to maintain an active lifestyle, being a pharmacist can be extremely helpful.

Being a small business owner and healthcare professional, being a pharmacist and partner means a busy schedule. Although no two days are the same, the work we do at Blooms The Chemist is always in the interest of our local community.

How do pharmacists like to start their day?

Like many people, I love starting my day with a cup of strong coffee at my local cafes, Acai Brothers Kenmore & The Olive Grove Café.

Then I make my way to the pharmacy, where I am greeted by my wonderful and hard-working team. They are very experienced, which means they are fantastic in helping me navigate the different needs of the wider community.

Every day you meet many new people who may have different needs depending on their health. Fortunately, we have experience in our field and always strive to give smart and relevant advice to our clients and the community.

What does it mean to be a public pharmacist?

The whole point is affordability. We work very hard to create an accessible platform so that people can connect with healthcare professionals when they need it.

Without the constant support of the local community we would definitely not be able to do what we love! Local heroes always make my work worthwhile. We have one client who comes in regularly and despite the chronic pain, she spreads love and joy wherever she goes. Every week she brings us beautiful houseplants to put in the store – it’s just warm.

What is the future for pharmacists?

COVID-19 has unfortunately affected the lives of many people who visit the pharmacy. However, there are positive points. Pharmacies have played an important role in providing society with the means to isolate themselves, protect their immune systems and access important information as needed.

People are worried about the changing circumstances, but it was incredible to witness the selflessness of people who stepped up their activities and helped those who need it most.

That’s why I can proudly recommend pharmacy as a career for people looking for lifelong learning, engaging with the community, and a real opportunity to change the situation – it’s much more than just executing a script.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by such a hard-working team of like-minded people who love their job.


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