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Online NAPLAN testing for all schools


Last year of transition to online NAPLAN testing has begun, and evaluation will begin on Tuesday, May 10th.

1.2 million students will take the test at more than 9,500 schools and campuses across Australia.

All schools across Australia are now participating in online NAPLAN tests.

“NAPLAN online is the best, more accurate assessment, which is more interesting for students,” he said. ACARA CEO David de Carvalho.

“Individualized testing means giving students questions that best suit their abilities so they can show what they know and can do.

“NAPLAN online also has different accessibility settings so that students with different abilities, learning needs and functional abilities can participate.”

He said that NAPLAN is entering a new era: 2022 is the first year when all schools will take the test online, and the last year when the test will take place in May.

“Earlier this year, education ministers announced that NAPLAN would be carried over from May to March from 2023, so the results will be available to education authorities earlier in the year to inform schools and systemic curricula,” de Carvalho said.

“These changes mean that valuable NAPLAN data will be more useful to teachers, schools and education authorities.”

NAPLAN tests are the only measure that governments, education authorities, schools and parents / guardians should check to see if young Australians are achieving important literacy and numeracy goals using a national, objective scale.

“This year’s test is particularly important so that we can supplement the national data set and continue to gain insight into the impact of the pandemic after two years of disruption,” de Carvalho said.

“The last two years have been difficult for schools, parents and students, due to disruptions such as blockages, floods and COVID incidents that have sometimes prevented students from attending classes.

“Emergency action plans are in place in every state and territory, as they were last year, and jurisdictional testing authorities can support schools that need flexibility and assistance in completing NAPLAN due to failures caused by COVID, floods or other causes.” .

He said that NAPLAN does not require additional training and that students do not need to worry about assessment.

“NAPLAN tests literacy and numeracy skills that are constantly evolving in the classroom. Like any ordeal or challenge that students face in school, you just have to remind your child to do their best on the day of the test. ”

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