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Open nominations for the Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award


Telstra and Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) announced the nomination for the sixth annual Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award.

The ARIA Award, founded in 2017 in partnership with Telstra and The Song Room, celebrates the important role that music teachers play in shaping the aspirations of young musicians and their communities.

The Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award invites members of the public to nominate an Australian music teacher who they believe seeks to enrich students ’lives and provides significant opportunities for genuine participation in music education.

Winner of the Telstra ARIA 2021 Music Award, Zoe Barry, said: “Winning the Telstra ARIA Music Award has been a great experience to celebrate the unique opportunities that music education gives students to express themselves, give meaning and connect with ideas.
and each other. By teaching music at Sacred Heart School in the suburbs of Melbourne, I can witness how much music can soothe, inspire and unite my students. ”

Zoe Barry

Applications are open, a shortlist of nominees will be announced ahead of ARIA nominations later this year. Each shortlisted teacher will work with an artist teacher who will contact the school to help celebrate its success with students and tell everyone
the story of a music teacher. Previous Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award ambassadors have been included Tons and I, Emma Watkins, Amy Shark, Baker Boy, Morgan Evans, Jimmy Barnes, Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy.

CEO of ARIA, Annabel Herd, said: “Our partnership with Telstra and The Song Room is so important that we all take great pride in the sixth year. A world-renowned community of musicians and professionals begins in the classroom. Knowledge and
The enthusiasm that our music teachers bring to their students can last a lifetime and has definitely changed the lives of countless performers across the country. ”

Media, Sponsorship and Awards Director of Telstra, Janelle Sharples, said: “We are excited to collaborate again with the ARIA Awards in 2022 with the Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award. It’s so nice to recognize and acknowledge all the wonderful music
teachers who inspire Australian children every day and see another deserving recipient, Zoe Barry, will receive the Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award in 2021. ”

“Our continued partnership with ARIA and the Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award is important to Telstra, as music creates shared joy and opens up opportunities to help everyone grow. We look forward to the recognition of more teachers from across the country who
use your talents to inspire the next generation of Australian musicians ”.

CEO of The Song Room, Alice Gerlach, said: “It is important to recognize the impact that music teachers have had on helping students stay in touch with learning and improve their well-being. For many children, music at school can be a difference: come to school or not. We are very proud to work with ARIA to celebrate music teachers and the important work they do for their students and school communities. ”

Following the announcement of the finalists, a vote of the public and the music industry will be held with the announcement of the winner of the Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award at the 2022 ARIA Awards in November.