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Opposition launches IBAC funding to let voters “know the truth”


Redlich complained in a letter to the committee and asked for another opportunity to speak.

Shing said the committee is prohibited from reviewing IBAC investigations and decisions.

“These provisions rightly protect the integrity and independence of Victoria’s inviolability bodies, subjecting them to necessary but properly limited oversight,” Shing said in a statement.

The IBAC tends to hold public hearings only if it has strong evidence that the witness acted corruptly.

Davis said Shing’s interference in the hearing was unacceptable, as was IBAC funding.


“It would be completely unacceptable to stain democracy if Labor’s financial shirt prevented agencies from reporting as much as possible before the state election in November,” he said. “Labor is desperate to hold back the agencies and prevent the public from learning the truth before they vote.”

The government has provided IBAC with an additional $ 32.1 million in this year’s budget and increased the Victorian Inspectorate’s core funding by $ 15.8 million.

The government has also agreed to an advance of the treasurer of $ 700,000, according to the ombudsman.

A government spokeswoman said that “IBAC has broad powers to conduct its investigations effectively and the resources needed to carry out this work. We have given stronger credentials and record funding to further support the IBAC in these investigations.

“We continue to work closely with Victoria’s offices to ensure they have the necessary authority.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the opposition held talks with the bench. If Davis’ proposal succeeds, it will not force the government to act.

The government does not have an independent majority in the upper house and has previously enjoyed the support of a few MPs from non-governmental parliaments.


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