Home Technology Optimo Pathfinder is updating its class-leading financial modeling software

Optimo Pathfinder is updating its class-leading financial modeling software


The next generation of financial modeling is here. Optimo Pathfinder was designed specifically for financial advisors to reduce the burden of complex financial calculations and streamline the strategy development process.

Modeling a client’s financial future has never been easier.

Using advanced linear programming algorithms, the financial engineers behind Optimo Pathfinder have developed the latest financial software. It simultaneously evaluates several financial scenarios and considers thousands of variables to determine the optimal financial strategy, while maintaining the laws, assumptions and goals of the client.

Pathfinder handles aspects of financial advice that are important to the client advisor. Finding a strategy that meets the needs of the client is the basis of good advice, and with Optimo Pathfinder this complex simulation does not take much time.

The profession of financial advisor is struggling to increase compliance, increase barriers to education and reduce the number of advisors; all at a time when quality financial advice is more important than ever.

Pathfinder allows financial advisors to provide high-quality financial strategies backed by comprehensive reports, and eliminates the time-consuming amount of crunch. It does all this in a fraction of the time than traditional analysis methods, saving time and money.


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