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Optus infringement class action pending; federal ICAC for third party coverage; Anthony Albanese in Japan for Shinzo Abe’s funeral; Matt Keough Apologizes for Mistreatment of Veterans; Jack Charles is getting a state funeral


New laws curbing the widespread use of facial recognition technology in Australia are a step closer to reality as the Optus data leak sparks fresh debate about how much personal information Australians share online.

Facial recognition technology, which relies on video surveillance to match images of people’s faces with data collected by cameras, is increasingly being used by local retailers, police and even schools.

Facial recognition systems are becoming more common and there is no specific federal act to control them in Australia.credit:Getty Images

Australia does not have a specific federal law governing facial recognition, but University of Technology Sydney researchers, including former human rights commissioner Professor Edward Sentow, have created a proposed model law.

“As we see facial recognition being used more and more, we need to stop the unnecessary collection of this information, then storage, and then use and misuse,” Santow said. “There is no more confidential information.”

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