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Origi is emotionally saying goodbye to Liverpool


The Reds beat the Wolves 3-1 on the last day of the Premier League season, but were denied the championship after winning the Manchester City comeback against Aston Villa.

Origi was unable to participate in the game due to a muscle injury, but received a guard of honor from his teammates, as well as several farewell gifts after the victory.

The Belgian’s contract is over at the end of the season, and according to reports, he is going to move to Serie A Milan.

Origi was full of praise for the club he has been playing for since 2015.

“I’ve spent incredible years here,” he said. “To be able to penetrate this time with all the fans … I feel weird.

“It’s an incredible club. It’s beyond what I could have expected. If you feel it, then you know how great this club is, how incredible the people, the atmosphere, the Champions League evenings … the people, the staff, the players – it was joy ”.

Origgi has played 107 Premier League games for Liverpool, scoring 22 goals, although only 34 of those matches have been starting.

The 27-year-old has earned a reputation as a super substitute, scoring several iconic last goals for the Reds against Everton, Barcelona and even earlier this season in a rematch against the Wolves.

“I always try to put the team first and I knew I was trying to be the best weirdo I could be, I was trying to be the best player I could be and then I try to help the team as much as possible and I trust that the coach will be make the right decisions [was me putting the team first]”- he added.

“If it’s up to me, I want to be on the field every minute, but even more, I want to win, and we have an incredible team, we’ve achieved so many wonderful things.

“Hopefully another important game where we can achieve a little more, but yes, it was an honor and a joy.”

Origi did not rule out that he could participate in Saturday’s Champions League final against Real Madrid in Paris, but it is appropriate to put the team in first place.

“We’re evaluating now, so I don’t want to say too much, but now the focus is on the team,” he said.


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