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Ovira uses platforms to send clear messages


It is an analgesic device that has caused talk around the world. The Sydney company Ovira has once again joined the conversation about women’s health by placing around the Sydney CBD sites where menstrual reports are registered.

Guerrilla marketing is no stranger, last year Ovira placed billboards with clear words near Knox Gymnasium. Today everything was a little easier.

Various messages regarding menstruation were printed and pasted on pads and then posted across Sydney.

Posts included:

  • the average lifelong woman spends $ 19,000 on period products;
  • In 1 in 10 women endometriosis;
  • we spend 3500 days in our lives on monthly; and
  • 80% of women experience menstrual pain

Each message was a fact or moment that anyone who is menstruating can contact.

Why guerrilla marketing?

In the past, Ovira has relied on guerrilla marketing. Creating excitement around the company worked well for the healthcare company. Earlier, billboards caused a stir after a controversial case around a prestigious school for boys.

Since Ovira is one product, continuing to create a stir around it is essential for relevance. The messages he sends are very important for sharing, but it is the way of sending messages that allows you to remember Ovira.

We do this in TikTok

Avira seems to be a master of message delivery. Since the creation of the TikTok account, the business has gathered more than a million subscribers. How? Sexual ed. Go where other brands don’t.

Avira has created a safe space for people to ask questions they are embarrassed to ask in public. From sex to menstruation and masturbation – TikTok Ovira does not have a single stone.

Today’s Sydney venues are another way Ovira ensures that people know about the product, the brand and know what it all means.


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