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The repair of Scott Pay’s team № 20 Team 18 ZB Commodore was completed on the eve of Winton Supersprint, team owner Charlie Schwerkolt explains that the damage was not as severe as originally thought.

AUTO ACTION spoke to Schwerkolt before the Winton Supercars this weekend

In the last round on the Wanneroo Raceway track Pai and racer Matt Stone Racing Jack Le Brock collided on a straight pit, causing Pai to crash into the pit wall.

The car was badly damaged, and Pai also dropped out of the final race over the weekend, and required major repairs, including a trip to the station at the Walkinshaw Andretti United plant in Clayton.

After a few weeks of effort the Team 18 Commodore was completely repaired and rebuilt, only the door needed to be returned, and Schwerkolt explained that the damage was not as great as originally thought.

“It wasn’t as bad as we thought, it was a little more superficial when we ripped off all the metal metal around the fuel tank and everything around,” he explained to AA.

“Actually it wasn’t so bad, but still one serious bar that needed to be fixed, but I think we got out of it pretty easily, it could have been a lot worse.”

“It was a pretty nasty bump near the left rear air socket, only one bar was actually replaced, and it’s from the bottom of the main hoop to the rear tower, it was repaired very well, Wokinshaw did a good job for us.”

The car returned to the workshop of Team 18, and the team assembled the body panels.

“We came back from Perth, the truck driver came back well and early, so on Thursday night the car was downstairs – completely naked,” he recalled.

“First of all, on Friday morning last week we returned it, and then the car was completely assembled, everything was painted, made and finished, and now almost everything together.”

It was a photo of Scott Pay’s Team 18 car taken this morning in the workshop

After the crash of Team 18 took over new team manager Bruin Beasley, Schwerkolt is confident he is the right man to push the team forward.

“We lost our team leader earlier this year, and we were looking for the right person with the leadership and someone who really, really wants to win, and Bruin wants to win, that’s what he wants to do,” Schwerkolt said.

“Everyone needs a leader, we need to combine all this together and good communication, and everything is going in the right direction.

“I know myself that there are some things that we lacked, I think we can build that and make it a very cohesive team and everyone worked on one page.

“I’m really looking forward to it, maybe we missed something there, so let’s see where we go next.

“I think it’s a really fantastic opportunity for the team, he wants to make the place better, more competitive and raise the guys.

“There are some areas where we’re a little lacking, but he has the experience to put it all together and make it a really strong team.

“A lot of work has been done, we won’t see any change or anything serious overnight, it takes time, but I’m very, very excited about his involvement, he’s definitely right for the team.”

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