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Parents warned of the dangers of winter as their children sought warmth


Parents who are preparing to warm their children this winter are warned about popular household items.

Hot water bottles and warmers are some of the products labeled as dangerous by a former paramedic who manages Tiny Hearts Education training.

Nikki Yurkuts urged parents to use them with caution.

Hot water bottles can burst and cause burns, warns Ms. Yurkuts.

In a warning on Instagram for parents, she wrote: “Check the expiration date, as hot water bottles with a past can split and leak more easily. Discard (them) at the first sign of wear.

“Never use boiling water in them, only hot water. Put a layer between the warmer and the skin. Move the hot water bottle every 20 minutes to prevent gradual burns in one area ”.

Thermal packs also pose a danger to sensitive skin and should not be used for young children, added the head of Tiny Hearts.

“There is a risk of burns to sensitive skin when using thermal packs, so they should not be used on small ones,” she said.

“It is also not recommended to use bags of wheat on the beds because the bedding can retain heat, causing the pack to catch fire.”

Camera iconHot water bottles and warmers can cause severe burns if not used, warns Nikki Yurkuts. Credit: Supplied

Ms. Yurkuts said electric blankets can also be dangerous, especially if they are not turned off at bedtime.

The best options for parents – putting on extra clothes at bedtime or a sleeping bag, drying hair in advance and even hugs, she suggested.

Although Ms. Yurkuts favors thick down jackets in the deep winter, she also warns that they can be dangerous for children who wear them while traveling in a car.

“Thick jackets often trap air between the layers and feathers inside the jacket, so in the event of an accident, the jacket shrinks, creating excessive space between the straps and seat belts of the car,” she explained.

“This excessive space means they can be precariously held in a car seat, which increases the risk of injury in an accident.”

Ms. Yurkuts says pre-warming the car and adding blankets to the seat are safer alternatives.


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