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Paris Fashion Week hits from Bella Hadid to Kanye


Paris Fashion Week this year brought all the headlines with mega-celebrities, stars and designers.

During nine days in the capital of France – the world headquarters of the fashionable elite – massive 64 shows and 42 presentations took place.

This year has definitely had its ups and downs as well as storms.

“Paris was a tidal wave,” said Julie Gilhart, chief development officer at UK creative agency Tomorrow London.

“We have to process everything that happened,” she said Fashion in a wrap after fashion week.

Chinese shoppers were few and far between, and fashion turned into fun with American model Bella Hadid’s white Coperni dress turning heads.

US rapper E West, formerly known as Kanye, weathered controversy – and social media backlash – with his ‘White Lives Matter’ slogan emblazoned on his T-shirt in a surprise unscheduled show.

Ye simply said on social media, “My one T-shirt got all the attention.”

Not really. Fans applauded Caperni’s quick stunt at the close of the fashion show, saying it was “fashion history”, “iconic” and “pure art”.

Plenty of material for critics

The lack of fashion created with environmental sustainability in mind (British designer Stella McCartney being an exception) has also attracted critics.

And there was a reality check on diversity, with some in the crowd noticing very few models of different sizes and shapes, and one casting director describing her Paris shows as “disappointing”.

“I was disappointed this season in Paris,” said Belgian-born William Loest, who has worked with French fashion designer Marine Serre for the past five years.

“Most brands use one or two gorgeous models, and some don’t even use one. If you look at the models this season, they are very thin.

“When you look at body size, height and age on the runway, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Young designers understand this, so we will go in the right direction, but it will take time.”

Entertainment is sold

Ms Gilhart said Fashion that big moments during fashion week often result in a net positive for sales.

“A big noticeable change this season is the importance of a show with elements of surprise and fun,” she said.

“It felt like the runway was now entertainment. This is what drives online engagement and therefore creates brand awareness, which can translate into product sales.”

Fashion reported that Caperni’s Instagram account went from 315,000 followers to 552,000 following the spray-on dress show, and he collected $26.3 million in media influence value.

“It’s on the level of Beyoncé’s recent album, Revival“, he wrote Fashion.

Marie Claire was also in Paris, impressed by Dutch menswear brand Botter, which was inspired by clothes during the pandemic.

“Given that COVID-19 has seen an increase in protective clothing such as gloves and our hands brought into the spotlight to fight the spread of the virus, Botter recontextualizes what latex gloves look like by wrapping the models’ hands in a miniature aquarium inspired by aqualogy . “, the publication reports.

“Not at all practical, but that’s Parisian fashion for you.”

The Amiya sisters in Louis Vuitton dresses outside the Louis Vuitton show. Photo: Getty
Botter’s blue suit and matching gloves at Paris Fashion Week on September 27. Photo: Getty
There are many Louis Vuitton stores in Paris, and no one ever stands in line, according to Trip Advisor. Photo: Getty
The editor-in-chief of Art FashionAnna Wintour at the Chanel show on October 4. Photo: AAP
Singer Cher and fashion designer Olivier Rousteing at the Balmain Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show. Photo: Getty
Botter was very popular on the podium this year. Photo: Getty
Loewe fashion designer with polka dot outfit. Photo: Getty
Shoes make fashion. Photo: Getty
Tom Brown fashion show. Photo: AAP
Australian designer Zimmerman stunned. Photo: Getty
Ujoh Spring-Summer 2023 Womenswear Show October 4. Photo: Getty


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