Home Business Pauline Hanson tanks in the center of Qld, Palmer misses the Senate

Pauline Hanson tanks in the center of Qld, Palmer misses the Senate


Jennifer Game of PHON may also join the Senate from South Australia.

As expected, controversial former LNP MP George Christensen, who was recruited to help promote Hanson in her Senate election campaign, is stepping down from politics without approaching a seat in the upper house.

Although the party increased its votes in the lower house by about 1.9 points, this is largely due to the fact that it put forward candidates in places it had previously left unprecedented.

The main PHON vote in Queensland, Hanson’s home state, went by 1.2 points.

It hurt most at her regional base, where several swings against the party were in the six, including in Blair’s chair, which occupies her old Ipswich square. Flynn’s PHON candidate, Sharon Loze, the 2019 star, suffered from her nearly eight per cent.

The party did not answer calls on Sunday.

Campbell Newman and his wife Lisa announced their candidacy for the Senate along with the Liberal Democrats. Credit:Matt Danien

Despite spending nearly $ 100 million on the 2022 campaign, Palmer’s UAP is once again waking up without a single seat in the lower house anywhere in the country. However, she increased her vote of first preference to 4.25. In Queensland on Sunday afternoon, the UAP garnered 5.3 percent of the vote.

Leader Craig Kelly, who served as Hughes in New Wales and was appointed by the UAP as Australia’s next prime minister, has now lost his job.

A UAP spokesman said the party would wait until the Senate’s results became clearer before making a statement.


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