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Paying Losers in Federal Elections: Friedenberg, Kennelly Eligible for Thousands


The little-known advantage of this work is that deputies who have been removed from their seats may be entitled to $ 100,000 … a taxpayer’s penny.

Taxpayers are going to shell out more than $ 2 million for the golden handshake of deputies and senators who were unceremoniously thrown by voters in the May 21 election.

Deputies are entitled to a little-known benefit for the post – resettlement assistance, which involves paying taxpayers more than $ 100,000 to help each deputy or senator.

Dismissal pay, limited to a six-month salary, is available to any MP who loses a pre-election vote.

As long as they have served, it is available and designed to pay their bills and allow them to find work after losing $ 200,000 a year on election night.

At least 20 federal politicians are entitled to a farewell benefit, and in many cases this is all that MPs will receive, because anyone who came to parliament after 2004 is no longer entitled to a lifelong pension that was once offered to retiring MPs. .

Deputies who have the right to include Treasurer Josh Friedenberg, who previously earned $ 400,000 a year as treasurer before he was unceremoniously ousted on Saturday by Kuyong voters.

However, it is unclear whether former Senator from Labor Christina Kenilly is eligible because she had to resign from the Senate to fight Fowler’s electorate.

Other MPs who could receive a $ 100,000 payout include Queensland MP Terry Butler, who shocked Labor supporters by losing her electorate in Brisbane after a strong Green campaign.

Queensland Senator Amanda Stoker and Zed Shesel of the ACT, who also seems to be losing their seats, may demand money.

In the WA, former ministers Ben Morton and Ken Wyatt will be eligible for payment if they reflect on an electoral catastrophe.

The resettlement allowance was introduced in 2006 and applies to deputies and senators who lost their seats in the election or failed to win the previous election.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison is not eligible for the $ 100,000 payment because he has shown he remains in parliament – yet.

But Mr Morrison had previously maintained resettlement allowances in 2019 as fair and in line with the redundancy payments offered in the private sector.

“These are arrangements that were introduced some time ago, and I’m sure that if someone leaves the job of their choice, there are mechanisms so that people can do it,” he said.

“If you were released, your information organization was fired today, I am sure there would be a contractual agreement that you would receive some support if you did not leave this job with your own hands.

“I’m just saying that these agreements exist in the private sector and the public sector, and they don’t discriminate, whether you’re a politician or a journalist.”

To be eligible to participate in this scheme, senators must demonstrate that they have served in parliament for three years.

Deputies need to work more than full time to receive the equivalent of a six-month base salary of more than $ 103,000.

Other deputies and senators who lost their seats in the election, but did not match the length of service, are entitled to a three-month salary of more than 51 thousand dollars.

The seats change hands


1. Kuyong – Josh Friedenberg (LIB) to Monique Ryan (IND)

2. Higgins – Katie Allen (LIB)

3. Fowler – Christina Kenilly (ALP)

4. Hughes – Craig Kelly (UAP)

5. Gilmore – Fiona Phillips (ALP) loses to Andrew Constanta (LIB)

6. Reid – Fiona Martin (LIB)

7. Robertson – Lucy Weeks (LIB)

8. Wentworth – Dave Sharma (LIB)

9. McKellar – Jason Falinski (LIB)

10. North Sydney – Trent Zimmerman (LIB)


11. Chisholm – Gladys Liu (LIB)

12. Goldstein – Tim Wilson (LIB)


13. Haslak – Ken Wyatt (LIB)

14. Tengney – Ben Morton (LIB)


15. Griffith – Terry Butler (ALP)

16. Ryan – Julian Simmonds (LIB)

17. Senator Amanda Stoker (LIB)

18. Senator Zed Shesel (LIB) – risks losing his seat

19. Senator Rex Patrick (IND)

20. Queensland MP Andrew Lamby

Originally published as Taxpayers to Pay $ 2 Million in Resettlement Assistance to Deputies Who Lost in Federal Elections


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