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People gathered near GraceChurch late March 4 to share their thoughts on Ukraine District News


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Believers gathered near the GraceChurch building on March 4 to reflect on the growing situation in Ukraine and how it affects people around the world. The barbecue and prayer were partly held for Olga Rotar, a Ukrainian woman who worked hard to raise money to help family members cross the border into Poland and come to Australia. Just before the event, Ms. Rotor was informed that her mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and niece had successfully crossed the border into a safer country, but much was still in danger. “My mom and dad are still there. Today everything was in the news that they were shooting at the nuclear power plant. ” “I’m most afraid of them, now I’m only worried about nuclear damage.” With even more gratifying news, Ms. Rotor’s fundraiser has made great strides in raising money to help her family. At the time of writing, her online fundraiser has raised $ 1,520. “I did everything I could. It’s pretty good, I’m very impressed with what people are doing for us.” Paris Floyd helped organize the event and said it was time for all the churches to approach the plate. “It is time for the churches to do something … They are the keys to peace and love, and the time has come for that … Churches around the world and in Griffith must emerge at this time of war and adversity,” she said. explained. “We all stand for peace, we stand for Ukraine, for Olga and her family and for being part of a peaceful haven.” Pastor Niumaya Karavata agreed with this, adding that the only way out is love. “It’s a message of love and hope in the community, and from there it’s a platform for communication with society.” Ms. Floyd added that she hoped it could be one of several events in honor and awareness of Ukraine and the Rotary family. Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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