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People’s Choice Award 2022 WA Australian Institute of Architects


The annual Australian Institute of Architects WA Architecture Awards honors the significant contribution of state architects to building the environment and communities in WA.

“As part of the annual People’s Choice Architectural Award, it engages the public with contemporary local architecture,” said Adam Johnson-Cain, head of state at the Australian Institute of Architects in WA.

“Each year they are included in the list of entrants of residential categories, and the public can view professional photos of the project and briefings of each project, as well as vote for the favorite who determines the winner of the People’s Choice Award WA.”

The voting portal gives an idea of ​​the results that can be achieved by attracting an architect for new housing projects, renovations and additions. And each project is documented by a variety of professional photos of interiors and exteriors, as well as a briefing of the project.

“Apart from the interesting viewing, it is extremely valuable for those embarking on their own new construction or remodeling of a home, providing a wealth of inspiring and visual guidance to novice architects,” said Mr Johnson-Kane.

Many homeowners choose to renovate existing homes with major additions. This may be for a number of reasons, such as love for the environment and the community in which they are located, aversion to the costs of buying and selling, or both. This year features stunning examples of modern additions to the Federation-era California-style homes, cottages and bungalows.

These homeowners, using architects, have achieved benefits such as new modern layouts and features, improved ease of use to meet the demands of modern life, such as an open layout that is family-friendly. better designed and additional usable space, more natural lighting, high spacious ceilings and improved energy efficiency.

Preserving the key characteristics of an existing home is very important to many homeowners, whether it is heritage details or preserving the character of the surrounding area in which they originally fell in love. Preserving facades and existing details, copying and mixing the old with the new to make the whole house feel like one – all these are key considerations and have been achieved by qualified experience in projects of this category

This year you can choose your favorite from 21 homes in the People’s Choice Award. Living space projects shortlisted for the 2022 Western Australia Architecture Awards in the “Houses” (new) and “Houses and Modifications” extensions categories are eligible for the award.

Voters can too enter for this year’s prize, which is a gift card of government buildings in the amount of $ 300.

After two years of an extremely successful virtual exhibition of awards and presentations, the Australian Institute of Architects is once again organizing an online exhibition of works and presentations.

The evening of the presentation will be broadcast live on Thursday, June 9 at 5.30pm AWST and will be accessible through the Australian Institute of Architects YouTube channel.

Review applications and cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award here.

Credits: Ohana Residences from Shift Architecture, winner of the 2021 WA Architecture People’s Choice Award. Photographer: Douglas Mark Black.

The Head of the Australian Institute of Architects WA would like to thank our corporate partners:

Public category partners: Rondo, FMC HomeGuard, Midland Brick, Mondoluce, Living Edge, BlueScope, Fielders, Dulux, Alspec, Bondor and Bosch.


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