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Perth Fashion influencer Fox Graham shares her plans for Mother’s Day


If you’ve lived in the same number of places as the Graham family – Mount Lowley, Coteslo, Melbourne, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong – these are just some of the places they put their hats on – home where they can get together.

On the eve of Mother’s Day, influential fashion owner Lissy Graham invited Confidential to her family’s 13th home – a penthouse in Clermont that she and husband Paul, CEO of Keystart, purchased in 2020.

Inspired by the 1970s, the playground is “not a small apartment”, but it is home to Fox, Paul and their three children, Sophie, Chelsea – or Mitty, as she is known – Marcus and their favorite DJ Beagle.

“We are a very, very close family,” Fox said.

“We are emigrants. We left Perth 17 years ago, went to Melbourne, and then went to Asia and lived there for 10 years. ”

Although the “five adults living under one roof” was not the original plan – it was intended as a reduction as the children grew up and eventually left, Fox liked to have her brood together.

“The best thing is that we all get together every night and eat together, which we didn’t necessarily do in our last home,” she said.

She plans to do the same on Mother’s Day, with a “good” bun, drizzled with jam and cream.

Fox is known to spread weird twists and turns, sharing photos of immaculately decorated tables that look as if they were downloaded from the magazine’s pages with her Instagram followers.

“It’s from my mother-in-law who passed away a couple of years ago. Loli, she was just a top artist. She would get sets, glassware and flowers, and I kind of took it from her, ”she said.

Food is not the only thing that unites Graham, especially women who “like to go shopping.”

“We like to sit at the table and look at things together,” she said.

“They (her daughters) are my photographers. Sometimes they have stylists. . . They seem to capture the best of me.

Fox’s Instagram has become somewhat legendary for the fact that she wore a nine for a photo shoot.

“This is my creative outlet,” Fox said.

“And I really look at the shape of the clothes and how it will work. Many works for me are like works of art. I buy them, knowing that I will give them to my girls, and I am happy to invest in pieces forever.

Camera iconFox with daughters Sophie and Chelsea. Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/Western Australian

Her love of fashion is not the only thing she hopes to instill in her children.

“One of the most important things I always tell them is ‘we all have our time in the sun.’ We all have time to shine, to be good. Always try to put yourself in the place of others, ”she said.

“Both Paul and I are very, very knowledgeable in education. We have instilled three of them that education provides an opportunity to explore.

“Their task is to change the world. I think it will be the generation that does that. ”


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