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Perth fitness club chain S30 Studio is set to disrupt the gym industry as it looks to expand further


S30 Studio may be responsible for some of the most toned biceps and quads in Perth, but bosses at the fitness chain say they’ve been working hard to shake off the stigma associated with group fitness.

Co-founder Luke Faulkner said the nightclub-style fitness service, complete with dark lighting and DJ remixes in the early hours, wanted to disrupt the existing gym model.

“People look down on group fitness because they think it’s only for people who want to do intense interval sprints,” he said.

“We want to disrupt the fitness space in such a way that you can really get a full week of period programming (splitting training plans to meet specific fitness goals), lifting heavy weights and hitting personal bests.”

The S30 workout offers progressive weight training in a group format consisting of compound lifts, hybrid cardio, Olympic athletics and tempo training where one lifts for a set number of seconds.

Its name refers to the number of sets that participants will perform in the middle class.

Since opening its flagship Hay Street studio in February 2019 with Ret Hartley, the company has added four more studios in Perth and one in Brisbane.

Five more studios are slated to open in the coming months — two in Perth and one each in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney.

“People are looking for diversification in corporate life after COVID. I think more people appreciate their freedom and being able to do things they’re a little more passionate about,” Mr Faulkner said.

A Perth-based entrepreneur has embraced the COVID-19 restrictions in the midst of the pandemic by moving clients to an online platform to access virtual training sessions.

“It opened up a lot of opportunities because our social media followers around the world signed up. We were able to survive by building our online presence very quickly in a matter of days,” said Mr Faulkner.

“We maintained that engagement by doing Zoom, working online, and some of our great members continued their membership until we came back.”

S30 has received $2.2 million in funding from Perth-based investment group Collab Capital, which Faulkner says will help boost their growth in new markets.

The investment will be used to market the S30 and expand staff and technology.

Collab Capital Managing Director John Zendler said his company identified several unique selling points in the S30 that strengthened the investment opportunity.


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