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Perth label Amber Maddalena calls on influential Shani Grimand for “copying” their design


Perth-based designer Amber Fossati, the woman behind Amber Maddalen, has accused one of Australia’s top influential authors of allegedly stealing her designs.

Fossati’s designs were worn by people like Kylie Jenner, Kate Walsh and Shanina Shake.

Camera iconAmber Fossati is a fashion designer from Western Australia. Credit: John Co./Western Australian

Its number of subscribers is large, but not as large as that of influencer Shani Grimand, which has more than 1 million subscribers.

Shani Grimand was accused of
Camera iconShani Grimand was accused of “copying” a fashion designer from Perth. Credit: Instagram

On Friday, Fossati accused Grimand of “copying” her style.

In a story on Instagram, the designer from Perth brought down Grimand, who posted a photo in a black knitted dress, very similar to Andy Maxi’s dress from Fossati, which Jenner wore, but in white.

“Be careful with the copies,” she wrote in a message from Grimond.

Under the photos of the influential author, Fosati commented: “It looks exactly like our covers – it’s so nice to see that you were inspired by our dresses.”

In an exclusive commentary for Perth Now, the businesswoman defended her actions, saying she was “disappointed”.

“I’ve worked so hard with such great sacrifices over the last five years to build my brand where it is. To see an influencer release something like my most popular dress for her more than a million subscribers (who all ask when and where they can get it) is so sad, ”Fossati said.

“It took years to develop and test the perfect one for my team, and seeing a copy just pisses me off. I saw it happen to others, but I never thought it would happen to me. ”

Edicole in public buildings on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Amber Fosati Photo by John Co.
Camera iconAmber Fossati said that when she saw a copy of her dress, she was “really angry”. Credit: John Co./Western Australian

The Andy dress by Fossati and the black Grimmond dress, which has yet to come out, are very similar.


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