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PerthNow bonus word for the game № 1954: BUDGET

Letters for Game №1953 are:

FHIJOY was a letter from Super Seven S.

Timespool # 1954 will be played on Friday, May 20, 2022.

In the event that coupons cannot be collected or cannot be partially collected, or coupons are processed in full, this week’s draw will continue until next week.

How to play TimesPool:

Step 1. Grab your coupon every week in The Sunday Times.

Step 2: Choose the letters of the jackpot – choose the six letters and make a cross over these letters.

Step 3: IMPORTANT – Write your letters alphabetically in the jackpot boxes.

Step 4: Choose the bonus letter Super Seven – choose your lucky seventh letter from the alphabet grid and make a cross over this letter. Print this letter in the Super Seven box.

Step 5: Get the code word PerthNow – visit perthnow.com.au to get the code word and enter it in the field.

NOTE: You can still log in without the code word PerthNow.

Step 6: Then just enter your name, address and contact number, sign the application form and send the entry.

Step 7: 1. Write the first (alphabetical) letter of the letters with the jackpot on the back of the envelope.2. If you put more than one coupon (only the original coupons are valid) in the envelope, do not write the first letter on the back, but just write “SEVERAL STARTING”. 3. Entries that do not meet the above conditions are invalid.

Home delivery bonus!

Get delivery of The Sunday Times home and win more! The extra $ 2,000 can be yours if you win the jackpot, or $ 10,000 if you get the jackpot and Super Seven bonus. If you have already delivered The Sunday Times home, you are automatically registered. If you want The Sunday Times delivered home, call 1800 811 855.

Send the entry to: TimesPool, GPO Box 2970, Perth WA 6800. All entries must be submitted to The Sunday Times by 10 a.m. every Friday after the coupon is published in the previous issue of The Sunday Times. The winning letters will be announced in The Sunday Times every week.

Do you need more information? Full terms of participation are published in public announcements on the first Sunday of each month in Public announcements.

For any questions call 1800 811 855.

TimesPool Terms and Conditions

Location TimesPool Box


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