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Peter Dathan became the next Liberal leader after the defeat of Josh Friedenberg


After Scott Morrison resigned and Josh Friedenberg lost his seat, Peter Datton became the next likely party leader.

After Scott Morrison resigned and Josh Friedenberg lost his seat, Peter Datton became the next likely party leader.

The outgoing Secretary of Defense was frightened Brisbane seat Dixon prematurely during the vote count on election night, but eventually turned down a call from Labor’s Ali France to remain the only person who could remain in office.

The Prime Minister admitted defeat and announced he would step down from the leadership, saying he accepted the will of voters after a Labor strike on Saturday.

“Tonight my colleagues, who have had to face very difficult news and who have lost their places tonight, I, as a leader, take responsibility for victories and defeats,” he said.

“It’s a burden and it’s the responsibility of management. As a result, I will hand over leadership at the next meeting of the party hall to ensure that the party can be promoted under the new leadership, which is right. ”

Mr Morrison said he still intends to remain a member of Cook.

But in one of the biggest shocks of the night, Mr. Friedenberg – who has long been seen as the main contender for Mr. Morrison’s successor – was defeated in its central city of Melbourne Kuyong independent Monique Ryan.

The weeping Mr. Friedenberg delivered his inaugural speech next to the family, admitting after 10pm that it would be “difficult” to hold on, even if he said more votes needed to be counted.

“So while it’s mathematically possible that we’ll win in Kuyon, it’s definitely challenging,” he said.

He took the opportunity to “say a few thanks” while reflecting on his time as treasurer.

“Being the deputy leader of our party was a huge privilege and serving as Scott Morrison’s deputy, a man of great decency, a man who loves his family, a man who believes deeply and a man who has shown extraordinary leadership in extraordinary times,” he said.

“So I thank Scott Morrison for what he did for our country to leave Australia in a stronger position than when he found it.”

Mr Dathan, who has been in office since 2001, told his supporters that it was a “terrible day” for the Liberal Party.

“We, as a liberal family, have had a terrible day today,” he said.

“And there are colleagues in the country, good people who have potentially lost their seats. There are still thousands and thousands of votes to be counted in the mail and votes before the poll. So there is hope for some of these places. Many have a very tough race.

“I want to acknowledge the pain they are going through tonight, their families, their fans.”

Mr Dathan failed to vote in the leadership in 2018 when Mr Morrison took over as prime minister from Malcolm Turnbull.

Leader of the Liberal Senate Simon Birmingham was sarcastic towards the Prime Minister after the loss, saying that his “captain’s choice” Catherine Daves as Waringa caused a “contagion effect”.

Controversy over Ms. Daves’ comments on transgender people has led to the Liberal primaries on the former blue ribbon falling 7 percent Liberal chairheld by independent Steggal Hall for the second time.

Senator Birmingham said the result gives a “clear message”.

“I think the results of the 2019 election in Waring were devastating for the Liberal Party to see how the former Liberal Party leader in Tony Abbott lost there and as comprehensively as he did, but to see how today’s liberal vote goes back and, seems to be going back to 7 percent, I think it sends a clear message, ”he said.

“And in the case of Waring, we saw the problems unfolding there. I think it sends a message about what Australians believe when it comes to respect, inclusion, diversity, and the message is that Australians want people to respect their lives, but they also want to have a strong and deep respect for the lives of others ”.

Originally published as Peter Dathan became the next leader of the Liberals


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