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Petrol in Perth: WA fuel prices to exceed $ 2 per liter on Wednesday


The average price of petrol in Perth on Wednesday will rise by $ 2 per liter – despite halving the fuel excise tax – further exacerbating the extraordinary pressures on life affecting Australians a few days after the election.

Unleaded tomorrow will cost an average of 205.4 cents per liter, the highest price it has achieved since late March, when the Morrison government reduced excise taxes on fuel as part of its campaign budget.

This has reduced the price of petrol and diesel by 22.1 cents per liter, but the ongoing conflict in Ukraine means that the savings have virtually disappeared as the world oil market continues to run unpredictably.

The wholesale price of gasoline in Perth on Tuesday reached 180.2 cents per liter – an increase of almost 30 cents since falling to a recent low of 152.3 cents per liter in mid-April after lowering excise taxes.

The two-week cycle of gasoline prices in Perth reaches a new peak on Wednesday, when the average price charged in bouzers across the city will rise from 177 cents per liter to more than $ 2.05.

Diesel fuel, which is more closely monitoring day-to-day changes in wholesale prices, will rise to 204.4 cents per liter. That’s up from 186.4 cents a liter a month ago, on April 19th.

A number of Puma outlets will charge 219.7 cents per liter for unleaded petrol, the most expensive in Perth on Wednesday.

The cheapest non-member gasoline costs 171.5 cents per liter from Liberty Landsdale. At Costco Airport at Perth Airport the fee is 170.7 cents per liter.


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